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3 Things To Make the Most Out of Your Solo Travels

Solo travel has always been prejudged as depressing and lonely. Mention to someone you’re going backpacking to Europe solo and you immediately get the frown and this, “But why? What are you going to do there alone?”. I’ve had this reaction from some of my friends for quite some time now, but it never bothered me. It bothered me though that to them going solo is lonely.

But the thing is it doesn’t have to be. The success or failure (or boredom rating) of your solo travels, depends on you. It is up to you if you’re excited to get out of your comfort zone and see the world or if you’re just going for the heck of it. To make the best out of your solo travels, you don’t have to do much. You only need to do 3 things! Three!

Solo Travel

Get off the internet

First thing you do when you check in to your hotel or other mode of accommodation? Get the wifi password from the guy receiving you. Then you check in with your family back home to let them know that you’ve arrived.

But that’s it. Go offline and get out the hotel. Go out there and see the new things around you. You didn’t come a long way just to stay cooped up inside your hotel. Grab your camera and take a photo walk. There’s an incredible world out there, just waiting to be discovered.

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Leave the judgement to the judges

Or better yet leave it at home. Never bring it with you when travelling. One beautiful thing about travelling, be it solo or with someone, is discovering another world other than your own. Open your mind and let the locals teach you something new about a thing or two.

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Use your 5 senses

Observe around you, observe the local market, their food, their colors, their music. Go to a local restaurant. Taste their local food and delicacies. Talk to the locals. More importantly, listen to their stories. Play with their children. Take pictures with them. Deep dive into their culture. Blend in.

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That’s all it takes for you to make the most out of your solo travel. Simple isn’t it? I assure you, after following these steps, that when you get back home, you will have awesome stories to share. Much more than what your photos can tell. Happy travels!

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    ha, I would agree with some of your tips, except I can’t agree with getting off the internet-in order to meet people while traveling! It’s the absolute best way to find other travelers or meetup groups so that you can have social plans sometimes and not spend every night alone. It takes a ton of research (mostly online) to make a long solo trip, not so daunting (especially if it’s someone’ s first solo trip) and to ensure you’ll have people to meet up with.

    That said, once you’ve done your hours and hours of research and know who/where/how to connect with others, you certainly should stay of the wifi and get out and enjoy the country you’re in!

      • March 24, 2016

      You are totally right about the internet is the best way to meet other travellers and do your research about your travel destination online. Yeah, sometimes we need to allow a time-off from the internet or get unplugged for a moment to give ourselves some time to go around the place and appreciate the new surroundings and meet locals along the way.

      Thank you for your inputs Brooke, greatly appreciated! Visit again soon!

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