About Me

About me

Investor. Entrepreneur. Coffee Addict. Database Geek. Travel Blogger. Voracious reader. That’s me, Carla. I just quit my job last August 2016 to embrace a life of travel and a digital nomad. I wanted to save the world from bored citizens of cubicle nation by blogging about travel tips and travel guides. So I created justtravellingsolo.com to write about my solo adventures and misadventures while circling the globe.

Travelling changed me a lot and I want to share this beautiful indescribable amazing feeling within me.  I want to inspire others to travel and empower everyone or just one human being to travel the world. Here’s the rest of my story.

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What inspired me travel solo?

There was some life changing decision that I had to make in my life some years back. And I couldn’t breathe. I felt I had to get of the house and I want to shout and cry at the top of the world. I want to sink. Believe me if I saw a sinkhole at that time, I would have jumped in. Ever had that feeling? A feeling that only booking a travel package could cure.

How did I do it?

I booked a package tour to Boracay, Philippines for a 3D2N in a nice hotel with breakfast. The tour included flights and airport transfers and ferry rides and an island hopping day tour. It was all in the package. I didn’t have to do any itinerary planning at all. Just picked my travel dates and typed in my credit card details and click “Book”.

After that, it all got scary. And exciting. My first trip on my own! So I got down to do some googling about Boracay, and went shopping for some swimsuits and a new camera. I did my research to manage my own expectations, like what to expect about the crowd, the beach, the place in its entirety. And I came back as this whole new person. Independent minded, badass, a much braver person.

This awesome change could also happen to you!

Since then…

After that, I am a changed person. I felt more confident that I can look after myself and that I was just going to be fine! I felt more brave and badass. And I want to go on another one. Another trip. Travel again… Since that Boracay trip, I have travelled to around 15 countries in 3 different continents and I don’t see the end in all this. I want go and explore more! I want to go cross country hikes in Europe or see the amazing rocky mountains in North America. I have written a lot of articles to inspire everyone to try travelling alone. One must do it at least once in their life. Travel solo and surprise yourself. I saved up some money, enough to cover me for a year of travel and setting up my blog, investing a little into some online trading so that I still earn a little on the side, and now planning for a year of travel to South America. Travel solo and surprise yourself. Click To Tweet

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Ping me, if you got anything you want to share about your solo travels or just want to connect and collab!

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