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taking amazing travel photos

Powerful Tips On Taking Amazing Travel Photos For Endless Memories

When it comes to taking pictures, many of us only grab a camera for a few reasons — to update Instagram with our newest culinary creation or because our pet, child, or even grandparent is doing something absolutely adorable that needs to be shared with all of our friends. Travelling is a different situation, however, […]

architectural photography

Travel Tips: Architectural Photography for Everyone

Traveling around the world in big cities or an expatriate working in business districts allows you to see so many architectural masterpieces. That’s why if you’re starting out digital photography, you might want to consider these tips in apart from the conventional street photography. Low-rise and mid-rise buildings, skyscrapers, structures of various architectural designs — […]

Mirrorless and DSLR camera comparison

Why I Went Back to Using DSLR, and Sticking With It

This post should be titled Mirrorless and DSLR camera comparison, but I figured, as a former lover of DSLR cameras, the current title should be more fitting. When mirrorless camera made waves around 2006-2007 in the digital photography world. Boom! I sold my Canon DSLR and raised funds for purchasing a new shiny red Panasonic […]

Street Photography Tips

5 Essential Tips to Awesome Street Photography

  For this article, I will share essential street photography tips to remember when you travel. I am no pro nor do I have taken lessons in street photography. Just a travel blogger who continue to improve my craft because I am a permanent beta, a work in progress. When I travel I always take to […]

travel camera beginners

Recommended Travel Camera for Beginners

When you come across a stunning landscape photo on the internet or from your friends’ holiday, what do you think the photographers’ travel camera was? Most people believe that a stunning photo is a result of having the latest and expensive travel camera. In most cases it can be true, but truth to be told, […]

travel photography

Essential Tips for Starting Out Your Travel Photography

Travel blogging and travel photography goes hand in hand together. Your blog post would definitely look like a bland pasta noodles without the spaghetti sauce if you do not include some awesome photos that you took yourself. All photos in my blog post were all taken by yours truly. My photography skill is a work […]


Tripod Basics: When do you need it?

Since I started blogging a few months back, I got interested in posting more awesome travel photos of my travel destination. I’m not too sure if anyone will appreciate my photos nor  I am aiming to get noticed by NatGeo team (wouldn’t hurt though!). But in the course of learning photography basics,  I realized that […]