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Your 5 Top Tips for Winter Travel to Europe

Travel during winter in Europe is totally different. A lot different. Winter and all that sudden changes in weather patterns can be really stressful and may totally alter your itinerary and what you had planned. But it doesn’t mean you give up travelling during winter and just stay home with a hot cup of chocolate. Here are […]

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One Essential Tip To Help You Find Cheap Flights

Much have been said about tips and hacks you need to know to find cheap flights to your next dream travel destination. There are hundreds or even thousand write-up for things you need to remember while loading up numerous search engines on your browser. Most of the articles share their 10 or maybe even 20 tips or […]

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Smart Ways to Eat Cheap While Travelling

There are smart ways you can eat cheap while travelling around the world. Cheap eats or food doesn’t necessarily mean bland or less appealing meals. Nor it means that you need to starving yourself. It can be a delicious, quality, healthy meal, even maybe something you prepared yourself. And you save money to travel cheaper […]

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8 Don’ts for the New Traveller

I’m no expert traveller. I am still on my way to learning the ropes and ins and outs of being a savvy expert traveller. After travelling for more than 15 countries now and since that first solo travel to Boracay, Philippines six years ago, I’ve had my bucket of lessons learned along the way. To […]

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6 Essential Travel Apps That You Will Actually Use

In this day and age one does not dare travel without any travel app downloaded and setup on his smartphone or tablet, lest he will be like a man trapped in the corner of his shower because cold water is running. Funny but true. When you travel nowadays, in more ways than one, you are […]

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You Need These 5 Essentials to Make Your Next Long Haul Flight Better

The thought of spending 8 or more hours on a flight (someone I know flew for 24 hours!) inside a cramped airplane cabin can be agonising enough to make you put travelling off altogether. Think about sitting for long hours, recycled air, crappy airline food and time zone adjustments. But you can take a number of precautions […]

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Top 5 Tips on Being Safe and Smart When Travelling Solo

When travelling solo,  you are responsible for your own safety and the consequences of your actions. Even in this modern day and age, it is still a man’s world out there. They still consider us females the weaker sex. Even if you are courageous enough to get out there and travel the world, it still best […]

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Mastering the Art of Itinerary Planning

Itinerary planning is a major step in your journey. It is your travel guide-book. It takes a lot of effort to come up with an itinerary. But don’t worry there are a lot of resources out there to help you in planning your itinerary. And this post aims to do just that. Help you start with […]