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japan cherry blossoms

Awesome Spots to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan’s cherry blossom season is one of the more awaited festival each year. During spring, the sakura colors come into play, with its delicate pink hues and beautiful blooms, converting many of Japans’ lush tranquil garden into pink picnic festival. To the Japanese, the cherry blossom trees represent the fragility and how life is short […]


10 Really Obvious Reasons Why You Should Include Philippines in Your Southeast Asia Itinerary

hongkong commute

Surviving the Hong Kong Commute

Hong Kong is a vibrant autonomous territory and a former British colony with about 8 million in population, features skyscrapers that seem to be in a tight contest on whoever first reach the sky, is also the worlds official shopping destination, a global financial hub, and visited by about an average of 50 million tourists in a […]

semarang indonesia

Your Ultimate Guide to Semarang Indonesia

Semarang Indonesia is home to about 2 million generally friendly and warm people, and is a major hub of Central Java. This strategic location made Semarang the melting pot of Western, Chinese and Indian Arab culture. Indonesia is probably the only country that I’ve travelled to where I am a millionaire. Seriously. I was holding in my […]

Things I Greatly Miss About Singapore

  Now that I have moved on to another destination and restarting in my hometown, I made a list of things I really and greatly miss about Singapore. Singapore was home away from home for 5 years, my source of income, taught me about happiness and courage, and gave me a blanket of protection from […]

Your Essential Mount Fuji Climb Guide

Mount Fuji or Fujiyama is Japan’s highest mountain and its icon. In the year 2013 it was recognized at a World Heritage Site at the UNESCO conference making it Japan’s 17th World Heritage Site. Despite it’s being highest at 3776 meters, its peak can be climbed up easily even by beginners. So if you are travelling […]

Experience Tokyo on a Budget

Yes, travelling to Tokyo on a budget is possible. Tokyo maybe known for being an expensive city to travel to but it need not cost you an arm and a leg. How to score cheap flights Let’s rewind to 3 months before my Japan travel dates. That’s how far back in time I started my research on […]

tokyo japan

Top 10 Crazy Things You Find in Tokyo Japan

When I landed at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, there was a mixed feeling of excitement and anticipation for new experiences and new finds. Never did I imagine that Tokyo was this cray cray about toilets, mangas, anime and vending machines to name a few. So I came up with a list of new finds that […]

tokyo japan free attractions

10 Free Activities You Can Enjoy in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan may be an expensive city to travel to and this bustling city have always made it to the list of World’s expensive city to live in, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to bring in your yen money-making machine and spend a lot to enjoy Tokyo and what it has […]

The Definitive Guide to Getting to Hakone from Tokyo

The entry point to Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture from central Tokyo is thru the Odawara Station. Approximately the travel time from city center is around a couple of hours. There are a few options depending on where you are coming from. But the directions is very easy. The train stations names are spelled in English […]