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Your Ultimate Guimaras Travel Guide

Guimaras is one of the favorite destinations in the Philippines. With its rugged coastline, gorgeous beaches, captivating waterfalls and succulent sweet mangoes, a short stay is never enough! Guimaras earned the nickname “The Mango Capital of the Philippines” because of its sweet taste that eating it makes you wonder if the guy who served it […]

elnido palawan

5 Horrible Mistakes You Need to Avoid When in Palawan, Philippines

Thousands of articles about Palawan travel guide abound in the net so here in my article I  focus on mistakes to avoid when hitting Palawan. Palawan is an amazing, amazing island. Its got all the ingredients for the recipe to make the most beautiful island in the world. Emerald-hue waters, towering limestone cliffs, dishes that look weird […]

responsible tourism

How to be a Responsible Tourist in South East Asia

The Philippines and the rest of South East Asia is blessed with countless breathtaking natural wonders, ancient structures crafted by mother nature that took thousands of years to perfect. We all know that travel opens our eyes to these natural wonders and we learn from the traditional cultures and their colorful history. As someone who have […]

sohoton cave basey samar

The Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge of Basey, Samar in Photos

It was a perfect day for kayak thru the serene river lined with amazing rock and limestone formations of Sohoton Cave in Basey, Samar in the visayas region of the Philippines. The midday sun wasn’t that hot and our 1 hour ride from Tacloban City to Basey, Samar was in fact too comfortable. The enchanting Sohoton […]

lakawon island resort

Your Insider Guide to Lakawon Island Resort

If you’re backpacking around Bacolod City and a certified beach bum, one of the highly suggested day trip for you to take is a day trip to Lakawon Island. Its a short bus ride from the Bacolod City northern bus terminal and I assure you the 1 hour and half travel time will highly satisfy […]

iloilo bacolod cebu roro

Here’s How to Travel via Ro/Ro in the Visayas Like a Local

I hope this article helps to correct many sites that I’ve done my research on how to commute between the islands of Panay, Negros and Cebu. For my solo trip from Guimaras-Iloilo-Bacolod-Cebu I consulted many websites on which way was the cheapest and the fastest. There were some sites that had some erroneous or not […]

tacloban leyte

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tacloban and Leyte

Haiyan may have been the strongest typhoon to make a landfall in Tacloban or the whole of Leyte for that matter. Thousands of lives may have perished and millions in pesos worth of destruction in a matter of few hours. But a few years after that dreadful morning of November 8, 2013, most of the […]

tacloban leyte

Tacloban City : Stronger Than Any Storm

Tacloban Leyte is located in the north-eastern part of the island-province of Leyte in Eastern Visayas in the Philippines. It lies in the Cancabato Bay and faces the Samar island. It is because of this strategic location that it became the commercial hub, educational hub, and political hub of Region 8. This capital city is home […]


Your 4 Day Boracay Itinerary and Travel Guide

One of the 7000 islands in the Philippines that have consistently made it to the list of the world’s top beaches is Boracay. Located in the tip most part of Panay island in the Visayas region, its world-class white powdery sand, its sapphire-hue waters, its many romantic paraws, its postcard worthy shoreline awaits every beach […]

sagada sumaging cave

A Tale of Two Caves: Surviving Lumiang and Sumaging Cave Connection

No travel to Sagada, Philippines is ever complete without conquering Lumiang cave and the iconic Sumaging cave. This adrenalin-packed cave connection adventure is highly recommended to be done on your very first day or arrival as a way of welcoming yourself to this idyllic town of lemony desserts. I tackled the cave connection adventure that […]