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How would you describe your 2015 in one word?

In a few hours we will be bidding goodbye to 2015 and raise our glasses to cheer in 2016. Everytime this time of the year comes, I give a moment to pause and look back at how the past year was. The good. The bad. The ugly. The no nos. The yes yes. All that bloopers and lessons and etc. For me, there’s only one word to describe 2015, INCREDIBLE!

To all wanderlusters out there, how would you describe your 2015 in one word? What was in your bucketlist that you were able to check or cross out? Was it a major item? Was it badass? Was it awesome? Was it a blooper and that you swear you will try again? Are there new items in it because the other items you crossed out this year gave you new ideas?

From my list, I was able to cross out the following;

  1. Travel to Paris
  2. Learn a new language, I learned French!
  3. See my favorite band of all time, U2.
  4. Visit Anne Frank Huis and finally read her diary
  5. See Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden
  6. Hear Mass at Notre Dame de Paris
  7. Start writing
  8. Build a snowman
Taken at Abisko National Park in Abisko somewhere in northern Sweden.
Taken at Abisko National Park in Abisko in northern Sweden.

My slideshow of photos from all my travels for 2015.

For 2016, I listed my travel plans, which can be ever growing or undergo never ending revisions, which is actually good!

  1. Goa, India where Jason Bourne went running 🙂
  2. Inca trail trekking and end up in Machu Pichu
  3. Zion national park in Utah
  4. Cherry blossoms in Japan
  5. Backpacking Southern Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
  6. Hot air balloon ride in Bagan, Myanmar

What’s in your list? You can share it the comments section below, maybe there is in it that I can help you with. Or maybe you can help me with my list?


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