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Forget YOLO. Live Everyday and Die Once.

I always hear this in blogs, posters, shirts. YOLO. You Only Live Once. Why? I mean why do you think you only live once? To me, it doesn’t make sense at all. To me it should be live everyday and forget about dying. I mean it could be tomorrow for all we know. So live everyday. Feel life. Enjoy life. Live life.

One way to live life?

Travel. Be it with someone, or solo. Just go. Budget mode. Cheapskate mode. Luxury mode. Beach mode. Badass mode. Winter mode. Whatever mode. Short weekend trip. Staycation. Do it. Just go.

Stop Here in Amsterdam

Anything stopping you?

Probably a small voice telling you “but…”.

Whatever the reason I trust that you can find a way to solve it. No money? Go on budget mode. There are a lot of travel tips out there focusing on budget. Travel somewhere near or travel to a location with cheaper foreign exchange so your dollars go a long way. No one to go with you? Go solo! Kids? Get the help of a trusted relative to look after them for a few days so you and your hubby can go travel somewhere  and reconnect. Almost all the places I’ve been to offer free wifi so there.

No one to house sit? Offer a house sitting job to a trusted friend or relative. Or better yet offer it online and make money. There are a number of house sitting websites now and its the latest craze in earning money for travel purpose. Pets? Same thing! Your house-sitter can do it for you. Or even better you can bring Fido or Puggy with you. Surely there are pet-friendly accommodations that you can find.

Work? Are you a citizen of the cubicle nation? Then layout a calendar and plan your holiday leaves with your superior and office buddy so that whenever you go on leave, you have a proper backup and handover. This is where delegating things are handy.

Running out of excuses?

Finally. Let’s go over why travelling is beneficial for you.

Travelling helps a lot with rediscovering yourself. In some cases, you will surprise yourself. One thing I discovered about myself is that I never realised how good I am with planning! I did my itinerary planning for my very first Europe trip on my own. I mean with Mr. Google’s help of course but still! I did it also for my Aurora Hunting trip in the North Pole, beat that! Now I am planning for my friends’ itineraries too!

Travelling also makes you appreciate your roots more. Everywhere I go, I keep comparing how we Filipinos do things. How our pansit bihon tastes better than Singapore’s bee-hon. How our beaches are more powdery and white and feels better on our feet than in it does in Delaware, USA. How our Batangas coffee brews stronger than Indonesia’s coffee beans. It is when I travel that I see the grass is not greener on the other side.

And above all, travelling makes you appreciate our Mother Earth more. Like how you are a tiny drop of water in big open sea. With travel, you learn more about other cultures, people, and traditions like how Christmas is celebrated on the other side of the planet.

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Here are some of my previous posts to help you with itinerary planning, and if you need ideas or to get you inspired on where to go, have a look here. If you got questions or need help, let me know in the comments below.


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Live life. To the fullest! After all life is a journey in which we are all travellers.

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    I just want to say think you to the Author. YOLO is and always has been a terrible expression!

      • carlaabanes@justtravellingsolo.com
      • March 5, 2016

      I know! thanks for dropping by!

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