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[Review] Hotel XYZ Tacloban City Leyte

Tacloban City is the city capital of Leyte and about an hour flight from Manila’s NAIA Terminal 3. Tacloban City is the seat of Leyte’s local government and it is the commercial hub, educational hub and political hub of the whole of Region 8. This resilient and vibrant city has so much to offer. The white beaches and the amazing sandbar of Kalanggaman Island is just a few hours of drive away. The food is amazing too! Try to get your first meal after arriving at the famous Ocho restaurant.

hotel xyz tacloban


The perfect place to stay in Tacloban City to complete your wonderful experience is at the nearby Hotel XYZ. I asked the receptionist and our group’s tour guide on why the name is Hotel XYZ and nope, they too don’t have any idea why this timid hotel is named as such. Well, after my 3 nights of stay, I conclude that letters of Hotel XYZ spells comfort, restful, and warm hospitality.


hotel xyz tacloban leyte

The Good

What’s good with Hotel XYZ? Everything! From reception area, to the early Christmas decor (I visited mid-October and the it was already up), to the nice resto bar at the rooftop that serves great food and great wine, to the small cafe near the lobby, the small gym which can accommodate a couple of hotel guests, to the friendly staff. I really mean everything!

The location was perfect too! Hotel XYZ  is just 10 minute walk from the Tacloban City port where I had a field time taking street scene photos and do a bit of people watching. The hotel was also just outside the city center, near to a lot of shops, fruit stands, and convenience stores. And if you want to sample some authentic Filipino street food, it right there at the street corner.

The hotel room I got was averaged size, with ceiling to floor windows, thick floor carpeting, cable TV, toilet and bath with toiletries, coffee and tea sachets, complimentary bottled water which was replaced everyday, kettle for boiling water, safe and stationaries. The bed and beddings were soft and comfortable too, so inviting for a restful sleep.

hotel xyz tacloban leyte


The Bad

I couldn’t name one need or feature in this hotel that I could rate as bad. Everything was perfect in its own Visayan way. Even their carrot cake in the cafe was decadent and perfect too. And not bad at PHP120.00.

If you mostly stay in 3 star hotels where the wifi is good only in common areas, well, you would be surprised with Hotel XYZ. The wifi reached and was super fast inside my hotel room! Not bad for a small domestic hotel.

The reception area was a bit crowded but I don’t take it against the hotel. It’s a sure sign that business is good and a tell-tale sign that the hotel has good reputation around the city.

The Verdict

I could not have a more perfect stay in Tacloban City if it was not for my stay in Hotel XYZ. I’m the kind of traveller who doesn’t ask much for comfort especially for small cities but Hotel XYZ was a big surprise.

It caters to most what backpackers and mid range budgeted travellers would expect and much more. For your next visit to Tacloban City, I highly recommend Hotel XYZ a first choice of accommodation. You need not look further.

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