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Your Insider Guide to Lakawon Island Resort

If you’re backpacking around Bacolod City and a certified beach bum, one of the highly suggested day trip for you to take is a day trip to Lakawon Island. Its a short bus ride from the Bacolod City northern bus terminal and I assure you the 1 hour and half travel time will highly satisfy your thirst for a white sand beach, sapphire-hued clear waters and a sandbar all to yourself.

Much has been written about travel guides and about Lakawon Island Resort but let me focus on the awesome experiences I had after walking around the island for a day.

Once I came back to where I was after I decided to take a walk encircling the island, I discovered there are 2 sides to this banana-shaped island. One side is touristy, crowded, where the party is usually is and of course where the hot bods are, and the other side is the quiet one, where you can be alone, sit and idly watch the sea, jump off an improvised bamboo raft and be lulled by the rhythm of the waves.

You can walk around and encircle the island in a matter of minutes but if you find a solitaire spot, like I found mine, you can choose to make it your pitstop, doze off and proceed to walk again.

lakawon island resort
My solitary spot. I asked permission from the nearby nipa hut owner if I could sit and breathe in the amazing view for a while.

lakawon island resort lakawon island resort

There is also a secret sand bar that emerges during low tide and of course hidden by the high tide. This is one of the amazing spots to spend some time when walking around the island. While all the tourist are having fun and partying on the other side, you can have this quiet spot all to yourself. All the more perfect spot for recharging for introverts like me!

Getting there

From Bacolod North Terminal, catch the bus headed to Cadiz City. The bus drive will take you about an hour and half and will cost about PHP100.00. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the city bus and tricycle terminal. Don’t worry, almost all bus conductors know most tourists will want to reach Lakawon Island so they’re pretty familiar with our i-need-to-go-to-lakawon-island look.

From the tricycle terminal, tell the tricycle guy that you want to reach the port where pump boats head off to Lakawon Island. Upon reaching the port, pay the island entrance fee of PHP100.00 per person, PHP20.00 terminal fee per person and if you do want to rent the cottages the rates are posted at the ticket booth and at the island.

lakawon island resort lakawon island resort

Remember not to bring any packed food or drinks to the island or you will be charged with corkage fee. This is part of their policy in keeping the island clean of garbage and plastic bottles.

Tawhai Floating Bar

After you’ve soaked up some sun and a few beer at the restaurant in the island, I advise you to spend more time at Tawhai Floating Bar which is just 5 minute boat ride from the shore. The Tawhai Floating Bar is under a different management and is the only floating bar in Asia.

I had so much more fun at the floating bar than being sunkissed in the shores of Lakawon Island. If you’re into cliff jumping into the open sea, then this is the place for you. Don’t worry if you’re not a good swimmer because life vest are available at the deck and has sizes for kids too. I grabbed one vest and went up to the second floor deck and jumped into the open sea with my GoPro. I was one of the guys that was so umped by this jumping thing that I came back up again, and again, and again.

lakawon island resort

The Tawhai Floating Bar will set you back another PHP250.00 per person and gets you one complimentary drink. You can stay up and jump to your hearts desire up to 5PM when the bar closes. To me, the adrenaline rush I got from jumping from the second floor deck was worth more than the entrance fee. I had so much fun!

You can spend a day trip here in Lakawon Island and be back to Bacolod City by late afternoon or evening, or if you prefer to stay for the night, there are cottages available for rent for families or groups on the other side of the island. For cheaper options, you or your group can rent out tents and just camp out on the beach.

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So if you’re in Negros Island or around Bacolod City and can afford to squeeze in a day trip to your itinerary, try to visit Lakawon Island. Soak up some sun, get umped by jumping from the Tawhai Floating Bar tirelessly, stroll along the mini sand bar during low tide, grab a cold beer and people watch to your hearts desire.

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    Looks stunning – sign up this beach bum for a stay there! LOVE the Philippines for this reason. So many hidden beach gems to discover 🙂

  2. Reply

    There are just so many amazing places to visit in the Philippines with stunning views and gorgeous coloured seas. This looks like another one for the list. I have just returned and was blown away by the jungle, beaches and nightlife.

  3. Reply

    Looks like the perfect place to enjoy a day of soaking up the sun! The Philippines is a true paradise 🙂

  4. Reply

    What a beautiful setting! I love the floating bar, who knew? Looks like low tide is extra special with a sand bar magically appearing.

    • Chrysoula
    • December 4, 2016

    Jumping from the second deck on the floating bar seems like great fun. I would love to spend a day there!

  5. Reply

    Sounds like a great day trip. Love knowing there is a quieter side of the island to get away too as well. Plus who doesn’t want to grab a drink on a floating bar!

  6. Reply

    I loved the secret sand bar, which makes me visit Lakawon today. I have never been to Philippines before however would love to go one day.

  7. Philippines is a country i really want to go. I love hot and beaches, so it´s a beautiful place to go. Love your post and photos 🙂

  8. Reply

    I also love the sound of that secret bar. Sounds like a magical animation where a secret land emerges at low tide 🙂 Count me in!

  9. Reply

    This was a great detailed review! I appreciate how you included the details on how to reach the resort and bus costs. The floating bar looks really cool ^_^

    • chinette bandiola
    • February 6, 2017

    how much the fare of bump boat? entrance fee & cottage room if overnight?

  10. Reply

    Planning to go there with my family next month… I heard that the new management has lowered the prices to make it more available to the public.

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