richmonde hotel iloilo review

[Review] Richmonde Hotel Iloilo Philippines

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is a perfect place to stay if you’re in Iloilo on business or simply taking a break from the budget backpacking and want to splurge a little as a reward to yourself. This superior hotel occupies the newly built Richmonde Tower, a building that strives for comfort and elegance, which is directly across the Iloilo Convention Center.

richmonde hotel iloilo review
Iloilo Convention Center

I had a great opportunity to travel with other blogger friends to Iloilo City and we stayed at this posh hotel. It felt like taking time out from the usual budget backpack mode that I am passionate about. In other words a vacation from travel which is a great thing. I suggest that this “vacation” should be a part of your long-term travel too.

The Good

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo has etched the words “elegance” and “affordable” in mind. Its pretty challenging to combine the 2 words based on my experience. But if you’re coming to Ilolio on business, they designed everything here with you in mind. If you don’t get mind-blown by this device and USB socket in every corner of your room, I’m not sure what will.

richmonde hotel iloilo review

Richmonde Hotel offers the use of their atrium and meeting rooms for your business meetings and they also have a 100 seater convention rooms for every occasion.

richmonde hotel iloilo

The hotel unit works together with a gym and a rooftop infinity pool, making it the ideal place to relax and re-energize. I had a grand time with the pool all to myself when I went for a quick dip past 7pm. I also advise you to take advantage of their gym early in the morning for a quick satisfying 30 minute work out.

richmonde hotel iloilo review richmonde hotel iloilo review


And the bedrooms? You can sink in the comfortable beds and down feathered pillows forever! I warn you that getting out of bed for an early business meeting will be a challenge. They have twin beds or king sized bed so you can roll over and play dead to your heart’s desire.

richmonde hotel iloilo review

richmonde hotel iloilo review

The free internet connection inside the bedroom was fast and free of interruptions the whole time I was there. There was a time I was able to catch up on some work while locking myself in my room.

Among other good things about my stay was sumptuous complimentary breakfast served at the hotels’ The Granary located at the lobby. The Granary’s is listed as one of the best fine dining places to eat in Iloilo based on diner reviews.

The front desk were very accommodating to requests too. They even helped me look for antihistamines when I had skin asthma rashes.

The Bad

There was nothing really bad about my hotel experience at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo. What felt bad though is that it cannot last forever and I had to go back to reality.

The Verdict

I am glad with my decision to pamper myself at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo while on “vacation”. It was a great to ease out of the usual hostels that I stay with. It felt quiet different and kind of luxurious that I have a king sized bed all to myself. Not to mention the many pillows that I bury myself into when I sleep. Getting out of bed was difficult at times too.

Richmonde Hotel in Iloilo should be your number one choice of accommodation when coming to Iloilo on business or looking to pamper yourself. Everything about Richmonde Hotel is designed with the comfort and unique experience in mind.

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