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10 Really Awesome Destinations to See the Northern Lights

When planning for your Northern Lights trip, there are three main things you need to consider. The rest are just plus factors or bonuses. The destination is located somewhere north. Up north. Close to Santa’s place. Long winter nights No light pollution. Go where there is little light or no light at all. Many may not be […]

The True Cost of Chasing Aurora Borealis

Chasing the elusive aurora borealis is, more often than not, perceived as costly and maybe not fit for solo travellers and itinerary planning can be a bigger headache than a hangover after a night of partying. This is article is to totally change that perception. I travelled to the North Pole solo, I planned my […]

A Wake-up Call in Abisko

This was how I got my wake up call in life. And I got it during my trip to the cold and frigid Abisko, Sweden to chase the beautiful entrancing aurora borealis.  Since then, I have quit my robotic choreographed life, sold my stuff, went back home and have been preparing to travel the world. […]

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Hunting for the Aurora Borealis? Here’s How Not to be Disappointed.

Hunting the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is perhaps on every bucket list that I know of. It’s every travellers dream to see the aurora dance even for a split second on a cloudless night sky. What more if you are able to bring home a souvenir photo with the Aurora Borealis dancing in […]

Seeing Aurora Borealis in Abisko Sweden (Part 2)

Day 1 – Abisko National Park and Aurora Sky Station Tour Ah my first morning at the North Pole! Now I know that sunrise here is closer to 10AM. Then in the afternoon it gets dark around 2PM. That’s about 4 hours of daytime. I spent the day walking around Abisko town and Abisko National […]

Abisko National Park, Abisko, Sweden

Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Abisko Sweden (Part 1)

Seeing aurora borealis is very special to me. After watching a lot of youtube videos, I tell myself I’m going to save up for that trip and I’m going to see it someday. It’s been on my bucketlist for 2 years now. It’s time I do something about it. And 2015 being declared as The […]