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How to be a Responsible Tourist in South East Asia

The Philippines and the rest of South East Asia is blessed with countless breathtaking natural wonders, ancient structures crafted by mother nature that took thousands of years to perfect. We all know that travel opens our eyes to these natural wonders and we learn from the traditional cultures and their colorful history. As someone who have […]

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Great Destinations for the First Time Solo Traveller

I bet your biggest question when you do decide to do a solo travel is, “Go where?” When you google the words “great destinations solo travel”, the results can be pretty overwhelming. Sometimes it even makes the entire itinerary planning more complex. But really it should not. To help you nail down which destination you […]

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

How would you describe your 2015 in one word?

In a few hours we will be bidding goodbye to 2015 and raise our glasses to cheer in 2016. Everytime this time of the year comes, I give a moment to pause and look back at how the past year was. The good. The bad. The ugly. The no nos. The yes yes. All that bloopers and […]

How to get started with travelling solo?

Travelling solo makes me feel awesome and confident. Imagine being accountable for myself and no one to depend on. And when I come back from my solo travel, I love to hear these remarks from my friends and family: “So proud of you!”, “I wish I could do that to!”, “That was badass!” or “How did […]