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5 Asian Destinations for Filipinos Who Want to Travel Solo

For the 8-to-fiver Filipino (or Pinoy) , the desktop browsing history is sure filled with search for asian destinations for Filipino on their first solo travel. Filipinos are mostly looking for destinations  that suits that Pinoy distinct taste, short travel time,  and offers a perfect setting of food fusion and cultural diversity. Not to mention […]

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How to be a Responsible Tourist in South East Asia

The Philippines and the rest of South East Asia is blessed with countless breathtaking natural wonders, ancient structures crafted by mother nature that took thousands of years to perfect. We all know that travel opens our eyes to these natural wonders and we learn from the traditional cultures and their colorful history. As someone who have […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Semarang Indonesia

Semarang Indonesia is home to about 2 million generally friendly and warm people, and is a major hub of Central Java. This strategic location made Semarang the melting pot of Western, Chinese and Indian Arab culture. Indonesia is probably the only country that I’ve travelled to where I am a millionaire. Seriously. I was holding in my […]

Kuta region Bali Indonesia

Top Sights and Activities in Kuta Region in Bali, Indonesia

Kuta region is the first stop most visitors hit when coming to the island of Bali, Indonesia. There are many words to describe this area, loud, jam-packed, energetic and brash. It is the center of tourism for Bali Indonesia. It has narrow streets lined with cheap backpacker hostels and raucous clubs and jamming places. This region is packed […]