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Top 7 Safe Destinations in The Philippines You Should Visit

Amid the recent bad incidents, sometimes blown out of proportion by the media, thereby sending a negative image throughout the world, there are still safe destinations around The Philippines. The country is blessed with abundant natural wonders and we may have the cheapest beer in the world too so all the more reason to come backpacking in […]

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10 Essential Safety Tips for Women Who Travel Solo

I’ve done it! Solo travel, that is! Here I am sharing with you 10 essential safety tips you need to remember while you’re planning and when you actually go out there. Women are usually the target of scams, mugging and other related crimes. Your percentage of getting negative attention increases when you go solo. So […]

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Should You Still Go? In Spite of Recent Terror Events? Yes!

Over the recent years, there has been a lot of tragic news of terror attacks on tourist spots or crowded capital cities full of innocent people.  More now than before, these terror attacks have been targeted in places where the tourists crowd and hang out. There has been terror attacks on a beach front, rock […]

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Top 5 Tips on Being Safe and Smart When Travelling Solo

When travelling solo,  you are responsible for your own safety and the consequences of your actions. Even in this modern day and age, it is still a man’s world out there. They still consider us females the weaker sex. Even if you are courageous enough to get out there and travel the world, it still best […]