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lake sebu

DIY : Your Lake Sebu, South Cotabato Itinerary

Lake Sebu is one of the more visited destination in the province of South Cotabato. If you have been island hopping to a number of beach destinations around The Philippines, Lake Sebu should be a welcome breather for you. This idyllic town displays another side of the country and gives your more reason to extend […]

road trips

Tired of Boring Road Trips? Here are 7 Ways to Enjoy the Drive

Feeling spontaneous? You could do a multitude of things to satisfy your hunger for a good time. You could go to the movies, spend an afternoon exploring the city or you could take a road trip. Road trips are always fun. They let you relax and go on an adventure for a while. When you […]

elnido palawan

5 Horrible Mistakes You Need to Avoid When in Palawan, Philippines

Thousands of articles about Palawan travel guide abound in the net so here in my article I  focus on mistakes to avoid when hitting Palawan. Palawan is an amazing, amazing island. Its got all the ingredients for the recipe to make the most beautiful island in the world. Emerald-hue waters, towering limestone cliffs, dishes that look weird […]

sagada sumaging cave

A Tale of Two Caves: Surviving Lumiang and Sumaging Cave Connection

No travel to Sagada, Philippines is ever complete without conquering Lumiang cave and the iconic Sumaging cave. This adrenalin-packed cave connection adventure is highly recommended to be done on your very first day or arrival as a way of welcoming yourself to this idyllic town of lemony desserts. I tackled the cave connection adventure that […]

Kayanga Lake Coron Palawan

Your Ultimate Guide to Coron Palawan

  That tiny place blessed with beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, serene lagoons and lakes, verdant mountains and thick mangrove forest, amazing coral gardens, soothing hot spring tucked in the island of Busuanga, in the province of Palawan. Yep, thats Coron. And perhaps it’s Kayangan Lake is the most photographed lake in the world. And if you’re rounding […]

The Definitive Guide to Getting to Hakone from Tokyo

The entry point to Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture from central Tokyo is thru the Odawara Station. Approximately the travel time from city center is around a couple of hours. There are a few options depending on where you are coming from. But the directions is very easy. The train stations names are spelled in English […]

The Must-See Attractions of Hakone in Japan

Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan should be your go to destination if you are looking for authentic onsen experience, traditional old ryokans, natural parks for trailing, a perfect spot for viewing Mount Fuji, visiting historical shrines and of course the food! That’s a lot of activities! My sightseeing cruise alone took a day so I […]

Seeing London on a Long Layover

Long layovers can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you time to explore a bit of the city making it a bonus trip on top of your itinerary. You can choose to spend long layovers sleeping on the metal seats of the brutally cold airport waiting lounges or you can spend it wisely and […]