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Top Amazing City Destinations for Solo Travellers

Traveling alone can be one of the most rewarding ways to explore the world. It is the best gift you can give yourself. When you travel alone, you get the freedom to create your schedule, relax when you want, and socialize whenever you want. You’ll be able to experience the world without the influence of […]

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7 Essential Hacks For Solo Travelers to Thailand

Thailand is one of the best countries to explore as a solo traveler. There are so many visitors to Thailand that arrive every day that you will instantly meet new people, as you are traveling. It is called the Land of Smiles, and the Thai people are friendly and warm, and you will feel like […]

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Solo Road Trip: What to do in a Car Crash?

Traveling is full of fun especially if taking a long road trip in a personal car, alone or with others. The long hours on the road, the breathtaking natural views and the scent of nature mostly in the rural areas offer unmatched experiences. However, amidst all the fun, joy, and excitement, these travels have their […]


How to Travel to Dubai Solo

Solo travel to any part of the world can be great fun, but it’s truly great fun when you’re traveling solo to Dubai. Dubai is a fun city. The fun doesn’t get any less just because you’re alone. There are so many fabulously new attractions to enjoy that it seems even the residents feel like […]

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Top Tips for Solo Travellers in Koh Samui, Thailand

Traveling alone in Koh Samui does not mean that you will not have a good time. Doing a thorough research before traveling to this place, can be a great help to a solo traveller. There are a variety of things that you need to have in mind before commencing your journey. You need to have […]

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How Not to be Alone When You Travel Solo

Solo travel can be nerve-racking at times. Being alone with only your thoughts for hours and maybe days can drive you crazy at times. The good news is, with the internet boom and the birth of social media, smartphone apps to help you find a travel buddy is now a walk in the woods making your […]

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10 good-to-know tips for Backpacking Southeast Asia

Every millennials I’ve befriended on facebook, followed on twitter and on instagram have this obsession of backpacking Southeast Asia someday, solo or with their bffs, partners or parents (yep, parents)! Not only millennials, but most of my colleagues are bugging me for tips for their first ever take on backpacking Southeast Asia.  Questions like, what’s […]

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5 Asian Destinations for Filipinos Who Want to Travel Solo

For the 8-to-fiver Filipino (or Pinoy) , the desktop browsing history is sure filled with search for asian destinations for Filipino on their first solo travel. Filipinos are mostly looking for destinations  that suits that Pinoy distinct taste, short travel time,  and offers a perfect setting of food fusion and cultural diversity. Not to mention […]

60 Second Vacation | El Nido, Palawan

    Here’s a 60 second video of having fun in El Nido, Palawan, the world’s best island! f this doesn’t send you packing, I don’t what will! Happy travels!! Must Read: 5 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid in Palawan, Philippines Liked this video? Click here to like and subscribe! 


Helpful Tips To Avoid Being Scammed in Malaysia

If you are planning to visit Malaysia during your Southeast Asian adventure, you must stay aware of a few things to avoid being unfairly charged for services. Shopkeepers, mamaks (small outdoor cafes) and taxi services are those facilities that can demand higher prices as their prices are not regulated by the government. When you are […]