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Staycation in Singapore

Making the Most Out of Your Staycations

Staycations are short vacations or holidays that you can take within the same city or your hometown in which you live. It can be in a 2N3D hotel bookings or a weekend at a local resort hotel and enjoy local attractions or simply unplugging yourself from the outside world in the comfort of your home. Most of us […]

great destinations solo travel

3 Things To Make the Most Out of Your Solo Travels

Travelling solo has always been prejudged as depressing and lonely. Mention to someone you’re going backpacking to Europe solo and you immediately get the frown and this, “But why? What are you going to do there alone?”. I’ve had this reaction from some of my friends for quite some time now, but it never bothered me. […]

How to get started with travelling solo?

Travelling solo makes me feel awesome and confident. Imagine being accountable for myself and no one to depend on. And when I come back from my solo travel, I love to hear these remarks from my friends and family: “So proud of you!”, “I wish I could do that to!”, “That was badass!” or “How did […]