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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get That Schengen Visa

There are a lot of reasons why you didn’t get that Schengen visa. A lot of whys and hows and what-the-hell-happened blank stare. There are currently 26 member states in Europe that form part Schengen Area. Today, the Schengen Area encompasses most EU States, except for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. However, […]

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10 Essential Safety Tips for Women Who Travel Solo

Now more than ever, are more courageous women who embark on their first solo travel. Women are usually the target of scams, mugging and other related crimes. Unfortunately, chances of being a victim to these negative elements is higher for women who travel solo. Here are 10 essential safety tips you need to remember when planning for […]

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6 Essential Travel Apps That You Will Actually Use

In this day and age one must not dare travel without any travel app downloaded and setup on his smartphone or tablet, lest he will be like a man trapped in the corner of his shower because cold water is running. Funny but true. When you travel nowadays, in one way or another, you are […]

JustTravellingSolo First Liebster Award

JustTravellingSolo’s First Liebster Award!

I was thumbing thru my twitter feed and saw on my notifications that I was mentioned by La Vida Nomade and nominated me for my First Liebster Award! Way to go!! A big thanks and a big hug to you! What exactly is a Liebster Award, you might ask. Liebster is a German origin word which […]

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Packing 101: What Not to Pack

We all know the routine. We pack our toiletries, gadgets, travel gears, clothes for sleeping, for going out, for formal dinner, for swimming, for walking tours, for what ever activities that you have planned. But when you arrive at your destination, you realise that you pack way too much stuff, all that unnecessary weight making […]

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Should You Still Go? In Spite of Recent Terror Events? Yes!

Over the recent years, there has been a lot of tragic news of terror attacks on tourist spots or crowded capital cities full of innocent people.  More now than before, these terror attacks have been targeted in places where the tourists crowd and hang out. There has been terror attacks on a beach front, rock […]

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3 Things To Make the Most Out of Your Solo Travels

Travelling solo has always been prejudged as depressing and lonely. Mention to someone you’re going backpacking to Europe solo and you immediately get the frown and this, “But why? What are you going to do there alone?”. I’ve had this reaction from some of my friends for quite some time now, but it never bothered me. […]

save money for travel

[Infographic] How To Save Money For Travel

How to save money for travel is always a big question and a show stopper when it comes to travel plans. But this shouldn’t be the case. I created an infographic to share with you on ways you can start to save money for travel. Some of the suggestions I pointed out may or may not […]

Just travelling solo

Forget YOLO. Live Everyday and Die Once.

I always hear this in blogs, posters, shirts. YOLO. You Only Live Once. Why? I mean why do you think you only live once? To me, it doesn’t make sense at all. To me it should be live everyday and forget about dying. I mean it could be tomorrow for all we know. So live […]

just travelling solo blog

Now What? – My Solo Travel Tips

I’ve been travelling for 12 hours now. I have been unfortunately assigned a seat beside an alcoholic lady who, for like every 5 minutes needs to use the bathroom. I’m in the aisle seat and she’s in the window seat. I know you can imagine how that’s like. I haven’t had a real sleep. After […]