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A Wake-up Call in Abisko

This was how I got my wake up call in life. And I got it during my trip to the cold and frigid Abisko, Sweden to chase the beautiful entrancing aurora borealis.  Since then, I have quit my robotic choreographed life, sold my stuff, went back home and have been preparing to travel the world. […]

aurora borealis

Hunting for the Aurora Borealis? Here’s How Not to be Disappointed.

Hunting the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is perhaps on every bucket list that I know of. It’s every travellers dream to see the aurora dance even for a split second on a cloudless night sky. What more if you are able to bring home a souvenir photo with the Aurora Borealis dancing in […]

Abisko National Park, Abisko, Sweden

Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Abisko Sweden (Part 1)

Seeing aurora borealis is very special to me. After watching a lot of youtube videos, I tell myself I’m going to save up for that trip and I’m going to see it someday. It’s been on my bucketlist for 2 years now. It’s time I do something about it. And 2015 being declared as The […]