Paris Streetart Image in 13th Arrondissement

The Street Art of 13 Arrondissement in Paris: A Photowalk

When in Paris, and you want to get some space after having been to all the tourist landmarks in Trocadero and Avenue des Champs Elysées you can come do a walking tour of the street art in 13th arrondissement. I discovered this amazing place by booking a Paris Greeter. I said I wanted to see the other side of Paris, the not so famous spots and not too crowded and so here we are, walking through Rue de la Butte Aux Cailles to start the street art tour.

13th arrondissement is located in the southern part of Paris. Here you will find, aside from street arts, the Chinatown of Paris, Place de la Commune-de-Paris, the Chateau de la Reine Blanche, the Square Rene Le Gall and choose to end up at the famous Rue Mouffetard Market (already in the 5th arrondissement) for a carbo-loaded meal. It’s a long walk!

Paris 13th Arrondissement Map
Paris 13th Arrondissement Map


Paris Streetart Rue Alphand in 13th Arrondissement
Paris Streetart Rue Alphand in 13th Arrondissement

The art always depicts something related to the current socio-economics-political situation in France. Notice the baby bathing in a small tub with Louis Vuitton logo? Looks like he’s not happy, no?

Here’s a gallery of some of  the photos I took during the photowalk.


After 4 hours of photowalk, I understood a bit about the press freedom situation in the country, understood a bit about the economic situation, how the gap between the less fortunate and the rich is getting wider. Every wall design is unique and it makes your brain do some thinking exercise to open your mind and interpret what you see. Is it suppose to make you smile, make you angry or enlighten you?

The tour will give another you insight of what Paris is, aside from the glitter and glamour of Avenue des Champs Elysées. In the end, it makes you appreciate life more, and where you are.


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