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Tour Eiffel : From a Different Angle

Spending a lazy afternoon at the park under the Tour Eiffel, with a bottle of red wine and baguette jambon-fromage (ham and cheese), offered a different view for this famous Paris icon.

I have been here in Paris for 3 days now. For the past days, I conquer different arrondissement on a photo walk exploring with my camera. This afternoon I decided to give my feet a much-needed break and just gaze and laze here at the park. I didn’t feel like joining the long line of tourists at the ticket booth and slowly climbing up the tower. Their heads looking like black ants from where I am sitting. I bought my wine from FranPrix and baguette jambon-fromage from the last boulangerie I passed by before boarding the bus to take me here.

On reaching the park, I head to an empty bench with a beautiful pond in front of me. I feast on my baguette and drown it with my wine while watching the ducks. I throw some of the crumbs at the ducks at pond. They happily scramble towards the crumb before it sinks underneath while making so much noise. I look around me, checking to see if the quacking noises is annoying anyone. An old couple from a bench a few meters from me were smiling. I guess they were thinking, “look at her, so childish.” It’s just that I’m so happy and proud that I made it this far with my first Europe trip.

Tour Eiffel Pond
Tour Eiffel Pond

I head out to the open lawn on the other side of the tower. I found a perfect spot to lie down in the middle of the lawn. It’s not that sunny anyway, the weather was just perfect. After a few yawns, I lay down here at the soft grass with the Tour Eiffel in front of me with my arms folded under my head. Oh wow, I’m here in Paris and with this magnificent view no less! C’est magnifique! It feels like a dream. But it’s not. It’s a dream come true!

I look at Tour Eiffel, looking up, admiring what it stands for, observing the details. The tower is all made of wrought iron laced together and must be a million rivets to bolt it all together. Looking at this old metallic tower stretching up to the sky, this is the moment that it finally hit me. I’m in Paris! I’m smiling alone, to myself. Never mind if someone is watching me. I pat my shoulder, whispering, “felicitation, tu es la!” (Congratulations, you’re here!) I raise my hands up towards it and shouted, but not that loud, “I am here!” If only I could hug the tower.

I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace. ― Natalie Lloyd Click To Tweet

I look around me, doing my solo travel sport of people watching. Inside my head I’m creating a movie scene with this perfect view in front me. I see a couple taking turns to have their jump shot taken with the tower as the backdrop. They saw me watching them, I gave them a shy smile and looked away. There’s a toddler who I think have just started to walk, that’s why she’s walking like she downed a couple of tequila shots. She’s so cute, with that short curly hair, bouncing while she’s running away from her mother. I see a group of students taking a groupie at every possible angle with the usual peace sign and tongue out poses. Ah, to be young at this time and generation!

Tour Eiffel Park
Tour Eiffel Park

I’m taking a mental picture of this scene, to write about it someday (and here it is). The couple still jumping for their profile pic worth jump shot, the toddler now whining for milk I guess, other tourists taking walking here and there, the view, the tower, the noisy group of vendors selling sunglasses, selfie sticks and padlocks. Everything is so surreal and feels like I’m living a dream.

Time slowed down a bit there, allowing me to breathe all this beauty in. I must go now, for there are other sights to see and arrondissements to conquer. I hate to leave just yet, so I stayed for another hour, lying here, not moving at all switching my crossed legs from time to time. Finally, I stand up, gather my stuff and head towards the other side of the park for a bit more sight-seeing.

See Tour Eiffel, check! A bientot!


Getting to Tour Eiffel
The best Metro station to alight from is the Trocadero, along the blue line on the Metro map. It’s less crowded and with coffee shops lining the walk leading to the park. Useful buses are 82 and 87 that go around Champ de Mars. Here is the website for the Metro map. Beware of scams and pickpockets around the area. I’ve been approached by young girls asking if I speak English many times around the area. If you see them, just walk past by. Do not pay attention. Here are some fun facts about Tour Eiffel.




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