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Why You Need Travel Insurance

One of the more important task you need to do during travel planning for your upcoming summer road trip or winter skiing trip is get yourself a travel insurance. Travel insurance is the one thing you never leave home without. Keep in mind that your health insurance does not cover you while you are abroad. And this why you absolutely need a travel insurance.

Travel insurance is much more than just an accident insurance while you travel. It covers scenarios like your photography gear is damaged or stolen, when a bad news happens back home and you have to cut your trip short and fly home immediately, when your luggage go missing or decided to fly a different flight from yours, delayed flights and its wrecking havoc on your itinerary, and your valuable items gets lost. Its pretty much an all in one package to cover all your accidents and mishaps abroad.

Travel insurance guarantees you travel worry-free but of course it is something that we all don’t want to use!

For my north pole trip to chase the aurora borealis, my travel insurance cost was just below USD8.00 a day. A very affordable price that makes my snowmobile trip to Mount Noulja to see the aurora borealis dance more enjoyable. USD8 is a small price to pay to know that if any mishap happens during my snowmobile tour, I’m covered and I can file for claims online and while I’m there in Sweden.

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What to look for in a travel insurance package

There are 2 things to look for in a travel insurance package. What is covered and what is not covered. When buying a travel insurance, it is important to also look for what is not covered in the package.

Your package should basically cover the following:

  1. Trip Cancellation or any kind of trip interruption. If you need to cancel a trip due to sickness, a death in the family, bad weather, delayed shipment of luggage or another disaster listed in the policy. If you become seriously ill or are injured during the trip, some policies will reimburse you for the unused portion of your holiday.
  2. Medical Insurance and Medical Evacuation. In the event you get seriously ill and need to be flown home and will need to be moved or evacuated from the scene via wheelchair or stretcher, your travel insurance company will usually make arrangements for this.
  3. 24-hour Assistance for in any case you need to find a doctor, arrange for accommodations, contact their families or get other forms of assistance.
  4. Accidental Death.
  5. Luggage Insurance or Personal Effects Coverage, which provides protection if your luggage and personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

The cost of a travel insurance policy is based upon the age of the traveler, the specific coverages selected and the cost of the trip. On average, standard travel insurance policies cost about 5 to 7 percent of the total cost.

For additional coverage and for a minimal cost, most items below are not covered. But you can always discuss this first with your travel insurance company before buying the package. The following are not covered in a travel insurance package:

  1. When you an existing health conditions like diabetes
  2. When you are going on a hang gliding trip or other similar adventure trips. Usually the travel insurance company will package this into another product.
  3. When you go on a planned general health check up. Travel insurance is a product to cover accidents while you travel. It is not customized to cover your normal health plans or your annual health check ups.

Why World Nomads Travel Insurance

I always buy my insurance package from World Nomads. It is very easy to purchase one online via their tool.  They also have adventure insurance packages to suit your adrenaline-packed trip. Though I have never made any claims, (thank goodness for that!) there are a lot of other established travel bloggers that can vouch how it was easy for them make claims online.

Use the simple tool below to check how much your coverage is for your next trip.


One major reason I am a big user of World Nomads is that they encourage responsible tourism. One of my favorite topics about travel. There is also a forum community that can answer your concerns about insurance coverage and other topics about travel. But if you do have other concerns about their packages, let me know, I just might be of help.


Do yourself a favor and travel with peace of mind. Leave all your worries behind, locked in a dungeon and totally enjoy your trip up in the Himalayas or in an island off Fiji. Be smart and get insured before leaving home.

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