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Should You Still Go? In Spite of Recent Terror Events? Yes!

Over the recent years, there has been a lot of tragic news of terror attacks on tourist spots or crowded capital cities full of innocent people.  More now than before, these terror attacks have been targeted in places where the tourists crowd and hang out. There has been terror attacks on a beach front, rock band concert halls, Starbucks (my place to be), local markets, supermarkets and shopping malls.

While your heart sympathizes with those affected by the tragedy, surely you worry about the safety of travelling solo. One week before I was to leave for Paris, I see the news on TV about 4 heroic men stopping an attempted terror attack on Thalys train plying the Amsterdam-Paris route. And I am taking that same train en route to Amsterdam too. I sank into my couch and pondered for a minute. Should I still go?

Of course I should still go! I just need to make some additional safety measures to my travel plans. Here’s how;

Stay connected.

Use the social media and emails. Check in with your family once in while or if there is a change in your itinerary. If you moved to a new location, let your immediate family know. Keep them in the loop and assure them that you are safe where you are and having a grand time. If your mom is like my mom who follows my every check in on Facebook, then you got this covered. I also do video call with my parents, so I can show them the beautiful place where I am.

Check in with your family regularly, especially if you are on a long term travel.

Be informed.

Read the news about the places you are travelling to. Research about the latest security issues or anything that may affect your travel itinerary. Keep track of any travel advisory your country may be releasing from time to time. Usually these travel advisories are also posted in your country’s embassy website.

Check in regularly in these embassy websites to see if there are any changes. Bookmark this website on your web browser so it’s easy to open or keep a note of it so you are reminded.

Research about your destination. Internet is a great source of information. Read about current events going on in your travel destination. Being informed is your best weapon.

Share your itinerary. 

But only with your trusted family and friends. Let your family know where you are going and when and how you are travelling there and travelling with who. Share with them your accommodation details including contact details. If you intended to buy a new phone sim card, share this new contact details with your love ones too.

When you reach your destination, check in with your family, let them know you have reached your destination and let them know that you are safe.

Trust your instincts.

If it doesn’t feel right, get out. Simple as that. You are more important than anything else. Never mind if you think you may offended someone or made them feel bad. Don’t think about anything else. Think about you and your safety.

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A few days before my trip to Paris, my first solo travel to Europe, I saw on TV these 4 heroic men who stopped the man attempting to launch terror attacks received the highest award in France, the Legion of Honor. I whispered “thank you” while watching. I continue packing. I’m going.

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    Carla, this blog post is indeed special. Not only do you talk about travel against all odds but also about taking the right amount of precautions while doing so. Terrorism is fast becoming a global menace. We in India have faced numerous such attacks and the issues of safety and security of tourists have presumed primacy. I had come across a similar article that may interest you https://drggsaxena.blogspot.in/2014/09/why-should-you-visit-india-amidst.html

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