A Guide to Places to Visit in Dubai

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Places to visit in Dubai are becoming more popular as the city experiences rapid development. Dubai is a UAE emirate and city in the United Arab Emirates renowned for ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and a dynamic nightlife scene. Burj-Al-Arab, the highest and most Burj-themed tower in all of the seven Emirates, is nearing completion. In its path, Dubai Fountain will rise to a height of eight hundred meters. At its foot sits the sleek, futuristic Burj-Al-Arab.

Dubai Attractions

Located near the centre of Dubai, the only coral reef in the area is found in the Wild Wadi. For tourists keen on aquatic life, diving is the best part of the trip. A visit to the Gold Souk will also prove worthwhile as vendors sell ornaments, gold jewellery, machine parts, sunglasses and much more. Diving during the summer months is prohibited. A tourist can, however, enjoy snorkelling, swimming and surfing in the Gold Souk.

Another place to visit in Dubai is Al Hajar Mountains. It is a must-visit for all who wish to feel the touch of nature. Besides the mountains, the Al-Wasi bin Rashid tourist attraction offers a chance to take in a picnic and relax on a golden sand beach during the afternoons. A must-visit spot during the morning hours is the observation deck overlooking Jumeirah beach, where a multitude of tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

The second best part of Dubai is Albufeira. The beaches here are exceptionally beautiful, and there is absolutely no dearth of things to do. If one wishes to indulge in water sports, fishing is the best part of the trip. The waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf are particularly ideal for sailing and diving. There are a number of exotic beaches to visit in the area, most notably those in Ras Mohammed, Al Hajar Mountains, Al Thawrah and Madinat. One can also go hiking and horse riding in the Thawrah Desert.

Another fascinating area to visit in Dubai is the World’s Only 7 Star Hotel, Burj ul Arab. The hotel is constructed on an artificial island called “Al Serkam” on the Burj al Arab’s coast. Among its attractions are the observation deck, a restaurant with an award-winning menu and lounge, and the observation deck that provides tourists with a chance to watch the world’s only seven-star hotel being built. The hotel also offers a host of services to their guests, including a spa, a fitness centre, a bar and an indoor pool.

Tourist Activities to explore the culture

Sightseeing should not be the only thing one does while in Dubai; there are many other interesting activities tourists can enjoy. Dubai is a good place to visit if one wants to experience history, culture and just have some fun. There are a number of places to visit in Dubai, which offer a chance to get acquainted with the people of this modern city. All one needs to do is choose a destination and explore its various attractions. Dubai Holidays offers something for everyone, and there is definitely something interesting to enjoy in this city.