Best Sustainable Hotel Practices You Should Try!

The earth is gradually suffering from the adverse effects of our everyday choices. People do not realize it, but our actions and decisions affect everything around us. As a result, it is crucial to realize that we must take action to protect the environment and live better lives.

Sustainable hotels are a great place to start. Many industries have adopted environmentally friendly practices to save our ecosystem, and the hospitality industry is no exception.

The following information discusses sustainable hotel practices you can try to become more environment-friendly:

Train Your Hotel Staff and Inform Guests

Making sustainability part of your staff’s training is crucial. You can do this by inviting them to attend sustainability programs to help them further understand how to be more eco-friendly in hotels and in other private and public areas.

In addition, new forms of the delivery of education have emerged. There are a lot of generic content that only require self-study. But many organizations also provide more tailored and interactive education. Thus, you can provide your employees with online resources or physical handbooks to educate them about sustainable living.

Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance that is difficult to decompose. You can recycle, reuse, or avoid using it entirely. There are plenty of plastic substitutes, such jute bags. Limiting the use of plastic also reduces pollution by reducing the number of raw materials used.


The amenities are also an essential factor to implement. For example, hoteliers should consider Fernie hotels pet friendly amenities. This ensures that your pets are taken care of well. Most hotels will include food dishes and a dedicated play area to help reduce the items you bring to the place.

Moreover, if you are looking for fun activities outside the hotel, there’s a place for snowmobiling in Fernie. Snowmobiling typically has a minimal environmental impact when appropriately utilized.

Conserve Water and Energy Through Automation

Various places have already installed automatic faucets in their restrooms. These faucets are furnished with sensors that only dispense water when someone’s hands are detectable.

This is one of the most straightforward approaches to saving water and energy. By implementing automated tech, people can use water and energy more efficiently. Automation is also highly convenient to use.

Be Sustainable with Fernie Fox Hotel

Fernie Fox Hotel is a family-run sustainable hotel based in British Columbia, Canada. Visit their website contact them at (250) 423-6788 for more information.