Boat trips along the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona: yacht and catamaran rentals

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Renting boats and catamarans is a popular activity at many resorts, where it has become a separate business sector. Many tourists eagerly take advantage of these opportunities and take their place aboard numerous sightseeing vessels, which allow them to explore the coastline, go fishing, and enjoy various types of water-based extreme recreation within the context of an excursion. However, not everyone is aware that they can indulge in the same type of leisure in Barcelona.

Little-known fact

In reality, few people know that even large-tonnage vessels can be rented for sea excursions along the coast of Barcelona. Such transportation is available from several companies ready to offer them for rent, and the navigability of the sea in the summer does not pose problems even for catamarans designed for 150 or more people. Large-capacity transport is indeed rented, and it is usually done for:

  • Hosting large-scale festive events such as weddings and anniversaries,
  • For recreational events of a different nature,
  • For business meetings, corporate events, and seminars.

In some cases, the vessel is rented with the expectation of accommodating other, random passengers, but most often it is rented for the needs of a specific group of people in a predetermined number.

This approach provides not only the opportunity for the trip itself and pleasant pastime but also various add-ons. A large vessel can have its own kitchen or catering and event services can be ordered separately through external companies. Additionally, when renting a large boat in Barcelona, you will be provided with a conference hall, entertainment facilities, and much more. For more information, visit:

Common approach

However, small boats are more commonly rented, which can accommodate groups of 10, 20, 50, or 70 people. They do not offer as much space, but this does not limit the entertainment possibilities. Fireworks, jet ski rentals, and many other pleasant opportunities remain popular.

You can rent a boat for entertainment, celebration, or friendly gathering at any time, as long as the weather allows for comfortable conditions on the water. The only exception would be during extremely cold periods. As for pricing, each company has its own policy in this regard. Factors such as the size of the vessel, rental duration, additional services, and its class all play a role. A large fleet enables the reservation of a vessel for any purpose and planned events – it is worth taking advantage of this option, as renting banquet halls or restaurants is no cheaper, but it provides far fewer experiences.