Menorca Is Ready. Cami De Cavalls 2021 Is Almost Here

May is practically upon us, and it is the perfect time to start talking about one of the best experiences and attractions that the island of Menorca offers to its visitors; the famous “Camí de Cavalls”.

And it is that Menorca, being one of the most beautiful tourist places, whose climate at this time becomes more temperate with each passing day, is home to one of the most beautiful marathon routes in all of Europe.

And it is that the route will be accompanied by the friendly nature of the island, the unique natural and architectural beauty of the cities and towns around the island, starting as always from its capital Mahon.

Some sports fun for those who love to be in touch with nature

One of the things that any visitor should keep in mind is that this is a sporting event, which different opinion forums on the internet define as one “neither so easy nor so difficult“. This is important for visitors to keep this description in mind when planning a visit during this highly entertaining event to be held May 21-23.

While the 185km race is certainly not something an unprepared beginner would consider tackling, the more than 72-hour race that starts in Ciutadella and ends in the capital, Mahon, does not have major geographical difficulties, and due to the dates. May the weather on the island is at a quite pleasant point for physical activity.

The Cami de Cavalls is in fact a very versatile event and suitable for many audiences. You can complete only some stages or complete, walking or at a faster pace, following the roads or doing trail running.

Many visitors rent a car Menorca to have an easier way to use the routes as a tourist reference during their visit. As the race usually lasts for several days and follows a fairly tourist route, it is quite common to find places to stay or to eat and rest a bit before resuming the route.

The main objective of participating in this tour, in addition to physical activity, is also to offer visitors a very complete tourist experience on land within the island. That is why throughout the journey there will be no shortage of opportunities to get to know at a very relaxed pace all the beauties that Menorca, like any other of the Balearic Islands, has to offer to the public.