Top eye-catching places in Albania you cannot ignore

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Despite its small size, Albania tourism offers the visitor idyllic beaches, Roman sites, picturesque villages, exuberant nature and exquisite cuisine.

Tirana: the capital of the country

Tirana looks to the future with optimism, displaying her friendliest and most attractive face. Along with the parks of the capital we can see iconic places or the National Museum, which houses interesting exhibitions. And if you are looking for the liveliest area, don’t miss the bustling Blloku neighborhood, with countless cafes and restaurants with terraces to enjoy its cuisine or have a quiet drink. If you still have time for a getaway, do not forget to visit the Dajti National Park, just 25 km from the capital but with impressive mountainous landscapes, lakes and abundant native fauna.

Albanian Riviera: the green paradise

The main attraction for tourism in Albania has been its beaches and its well-known Albanian shore. This coastal strip that stretches from Dhermi to Lukove for more than 40 km gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Through the winding literal stretch of sand are hidden of the highest quality and turquoise tones that will conquer you at first sight. Some have already acquired so much fame and recognition that in the summer months they are crowded with tourists. Others, on the other hand, are kept more reserved and allow you to peacefully enjoy endless days of sun and beach.

Roman site of Apollonian

The footprint of Roman civilization has remained indelible on this impressive Roman site. It was built in honor of the god Apollo and in times of the Roman Empire it became a very important city on a commercial level. It succumbed to an earthquake, which changed the course of the river, turning the area into a quagmire. The old theater and the remains of other old buildings are organized around it. In another area there is another older theater of greater dimensions.

Ksamil and Butrint: don’t miss them

Ksamil is a small peninsula near the Greek border that is well-deserved for its exceptional beaches. During the months of July and August, the beaches become veritable hotbeds of tourists, but it will not prevent you from enjoying dreamy sunsets of impossible colors. In low season it is an idyllic place to rest and enjoy its gastronomy. Just 5 km from Ksamil is the site of Butrint. In the middle of a place of exceptional beauty there is a site in excellent state of conservation and which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.