4 Most Important Factors to Consider While Booking Flights

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Going to book flight tickets for a congenial and restful journey? Consider the following points to ensure that your booking is thorough, complete and comprehensive.

Air travel is the most common form of inter-city or international commutation today. Whether you’re planning a vacation to your favourite destination or an imminent journey, the first item on your to-do list will be to get flight tickets. 

While there is a plethora of air carriers to choose from, flight booking must be made carefully to avoid mistakes and errors. These errors can not only take a toll on your budget but also can ruin your trip experience. Here’s a list of 5 factors that you should consider while booking flights to mitigate errors.

  1. Check Flight Duration: Don’t just fall for the first flight or the cheapest option you see on the portal. Do check its flight duration. While there may be direct flights to your destination, connecting flights with stopovers can elongate your travel duration by at least a few hours. Moreover, if it’s an international trip, it could potentially mean you were planning to exit the flight and take another one. Also, you might need a transit visa in case you are changing terminals. On the flip side, a stopover at London Heathrow Airport or Dubai Airport while travelling from India to the USA can give you a much-needed break from endless sitting.
  2. Check Timing of the Flight: Next, check the estimated departure and arrival time of flights while booking. While late-night flights may be cheap, they come with the inconvenience of travelling to the airport in the middle of the night. Also, it is advisable to make certain provisions in your schedule, especially if you are travelling to attend an event or a meeting in your destination city right after landing. For example, a flight’s departure may get delayed on account of long queues (Especially during peak travelling season). Similarly, the arrival time is also subject to factors such as wind conditions, ATC routing etc. A conscience comparison of flights timings taking into account these factors shall help you select the most feasible option.
  3. Enter Correct Details- Booking a flight involves the submission of important details such as your personal information (name, sex, age), payment information, and passport information (in case of international travel), etc. While filling these details, it is important to exercise caution and recheck in order to book flights seamlessly. Entering wrong details and getting them rectified with the carrier at a later stage, results in undue time consumption. Moreover, the authorities have the right to deny you entry into the airport or through the gate if they find discrepancies in your name, etc.
  4. Earn or Redeem Miles- Travelling internationally or even domestically can be expensive. From high-priced flight tickets to even hotels, meals, shopping, the expenses can make a dent to your savings. Before you make the flight booking, look for frequent flyer programs or loyalty programs you may be part of. Join one if you are not, for most of these programs are free to join. What you get in returns is points for booking flights through them or using any of its associated services. Not just that, you stand a chance to enjoy various other benefits such as lounge access, discounts and offers, bonus points, that can make your travel even sweeter. 

Book Your Flight Tickets and Embark on Your Dream Voyage

As globalization tightens its grip on the world economy, air connectivity is also fostering taking into its ambit inter-continental travel. In addition to international connectivity, innovative schemes such as UDAAN at the domestic level in developing economies like India, testify the fact that more and more people will prefer the aerial route in the coming days. Sort your flight bookings based on these factors and enjoy the best flight experience.