Around the World Cruise Will Travel Through 33 Countries

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From the earlier ages of cruising, humans are enthusiastic to visit the world on cruises. There are several such competitions where the yachts have to travel around the globe. But for the general passengers, the round the world cruise ride has been brought by Oceania Cruises which is one of the most renowned cruise companies in the world. They have announced the package for the year 2023 and have opened the chances to book seats for the round the globe trip in just 180 days. People who are interested can now plan their holidays on the cruise. The journey around the globe will start from San Francisco port and it will end its journey after visiting 33 countries where it will stop at 96 destinations. They will take you to the 60 heritage sites that UNESCO has announced as World heritage.

About Oceania Cruises

The Miami based Cruise Liner Company Oceania Cruises is one of the most popular shipping liners in the world. They have 6 cruises that operate throughout the world. Normally this company operates cruise tours for nearly 10 to 14 days but the longest cruise trip organized by them was 196 days. The CEO of this company Bob Binder is also the Vice-Chairman as well as the Co-Founder too. Oceania Cruises was established in the year 2002. They chartered the Renaissance Cruise ship and renamed it Insignia in the same year to start their operations. In the year 2003, they renamed ‘Insignia Regatta’ and featured a new one with the name ‘R One’.

Destinations Where the Ship Will Stop

Since the journey will cover 33 countries throughout the world, it will anchor in all the continents like Asia, Africa, and North America. It will also pass through Antarctica as the cruise has Half Moon Island, Paradise Bay as well as Admiralty Bay in its destination list. The cruise will halt in 20 different ports on a call where there will be arrangements for onshore entertainment packages, including the Kornati.

The guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular events of the world like spending an afternoon at the Boschendal Winery in Cape Town, a cultural exposition in Buenos Aires, a visit to the Maha Desert Dune in the desert of Arabia where they will also get the experience of the Bedouin culture including the tribal music as well as dance.

Other than these the cruise liner authorities will keep arrangements for the evening entertainment of Vung Duc which is located at one of the heritage sites announced by UNESCO namely Ha Long Bay.

Now last but not least, the Burmese Monk Donation Ceremony which takes place in Yangon, Myanmar has also been included in his list of entertainment. There are several other things too that are included within the package like airfare in North America, Medical care of the passengers, ancillary services like the laundry, housekeeping, Visa packages, uninterrupted access to the internet, round trip transfers, and so on.