6 Instruments to Invest in to Survive the Worst Emergency Situations

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Experiencing a global crisis has taught families all across the world one valuable thing: the importance of preparedness. There’s no telling what tragedy will hit humankind next — a natural calamity, a terrorist attack, or depletion of resources — which means all that we can do is to unite and prepare as a family.

When preparing for any disaster, these six vital and efficient tools will best help your family overcome the most difficult days when you can’t communicate or restock on needed resources.

Satellite PTT phone

The great thing about a satellite PTT or push-to-talk radio is you can use it in most practical situations — during a pandemic, on a hiking trip, or an off-road expedition. You can always relay your situation even if your phone signal is out of coverage area. What’s more, you can call with an unlimited range, your communication line is secure and encrypted, and you can be located through GPS.

Battery-free flashlight

You only need your muscle power to operate this. With a mechanically-powered flashlight, you can shine a bright LED light when you need it by squeezing the grip, winding a crank handle, or shaking the device. This flashlight doesn’t have batteries that need replacement nor power ports, which makes them a useful tool for extended emergencies.

Multi-tool army knife

A multi-tool army knife, or a Swiss army knife as most old-timers call it, is a convenient contraption made up of small tools built for the most common functions, such as cutting, slicing, screwing, stripping, piercing, or prying things open. It is light, portable, and made to last for years. You don’t even have to be trapped in the great outdoors to find a use for it.

Solar-powered radio

For moments when you don’t have any means to know what’s happening with the outside world, a solar-powered radio will surely come in handy. You don’t have to replace any batteries or plug this radio into generators. This makes it the ideal source of information where there aren’t any electrical grids or power sources — it just needs to absorb photovoltaic energy to work.

Thermal blanket set

If you’re stuck in the outdoors, at the mercy of nature’s elements, you need a handy set of thermal blankets to last the night. Also referred to as space blankets, these lightweight, waterproof, heat-resistant sheets are often used to reflect or deflect heat to maintain the body’s ideal body temperature. In emergencies, they are useful in creating shelter from the sun, countering hypothermia, and shielding your body from rain and winds.

Portable water filter

In rare cases when you’ve run out of a source of potable drinking water, a portable water filter might be your key to survival. This handheld contraption cleans the water by passing it through a set of self-contained purifying filters. First, it sieves small sediments. Then, it makes use of either ultraviolet light or chemicals to eliminate the pathogen from water, making it safe for consumption.

When it comes down to the wire, we only need instruments that ensure our survival and nothing else. The earlier we prepare, the better we can set our minds towards needing less and knowing what to do.