Do you love mountain? Must visit Colorado

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Colorado is called a colorful state in the USA. And in autumn it is really colorful here. The mountains are multi-colored – red, sandy, or greenish. You can verify this by driving along the road that goes through the Rocky Mountains.

The Park is considered the most famous ski resort in the United States and is also famous for the rare plants and animals that inhabit it. It is located northwest of the city of Boulder, home to a major airport, and is open to the public all year round.

Keep in mind that snow can lie here even in June, and rainy weather is not uncommon at these heights. But in any weather, the Rocky Mountain road trip will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Rocky Mountains National Park Tours

The Park was created a long time ago, in 1915, and its territory covers an area of about 10.5 thousand hectares. The park was designed to save the natural complexes of mountain coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, as well as high-mountain tundra located in the watershed part of the Rocky Mountains ridge, reaching an altitude of 4300 m above sea level.

A lot of hiking trails for people with physical abilities and various tastes, with a total length of almost 500 km, have been laid and equipped on the territory of the Rockies Park. Like any other national park, the Rockies has campgrounds for those who have come for more than one day.

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