Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling to Baku, Azerbaijan

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Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan. It’s one of the best capitals in the world, according to the tourists. Having a spacious capital with wide roads, beautiful scenery, a lot of activities to do and also less crowded makes any capital city the best. Baku is an oil-rich city, which was ignored for a long time. When the backpackers started discovering the beauty and shared it on the internet, everyone started to love Baku and Azerbaijan as a whole. 

Travelling to Azerbaijan, especially Baku, is in the bucket list of almost all of the travel enthusiasts. But being a recently popular place, you should do proper research before visiting the country. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about Baku. From Travelling to the city attractions, you’ll get to know everything about the city. 

Ultimate Travel Guide for Baku Azerbaijan

Travelling to Baku 

As Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan, it’s easy to reach there by air. You can take the flight to Baku from any major airports around the world. All of the popular airlines operate in Baku, making it accessible to a large set of population. Also, you can visit the country by Road, but for that, you need a special Visa and a car to enter the country from the border countries. You can find flights to Baku from Dubai, London, Japan, Georgia, and all of the European Countries. 

Accommodation in Baku 

There are numerous accommodation options available for the tourists in Baku. The solo backpackers can stay in the Cheap Hostels. Most popular hostel chains operate in the city, providing an affordable living for cheapskates. Also, there are Airbnb, Homestays, and Luxury hotels for the families. If you have a good budget, then staying in the three-star or Five-star hotels is quite a good option. 

Attraction in Baku 

#1 – Shirvanshah Palace 

The Shirvanshah dynasty ruled the country of Azerbaijan for nearly 700 years. The Palace of the same dynasty is standing in the Old City of Baku. The Palace is the first place you should visit in Baku. With the old Palace and the museum, you will get to know about the history of the city and country, culture and the people. 

#2 – Carpet Museum 

The Persian carpets are quite common in Baku. There is a Carpet Museum in Baku, which you must visit to know more about the Carpets. THe museum looks stunning from the outside due to the unique design. Inside, you’ll get to know about the different types of carpets from Azerbaijan and other countries. 

#3 – Oil Fields 

Baku is an oil-rich city. Just outside the city, you’ll find numerous oil fields where the Oil extractors keep extracting the oil. You can hire a taxi and visit the oil fields to know more about the oil field operations. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to visit an oil field and watch the extractor machines pumping the oil out of earth’s core.