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In this guide to travel to Turkey, we discover itinerary, tips and recommendations so that you enjoy your trip to this country of spectacular landscapes and wonderful people.


Geographically it is part of the European and Asian continents. It has an unequaled cultural wealth and it is not for less, since it has been part of 3 great empires during the last two millennia: the Greek, the Roman and the Ottoman. Being today a Muslim country, there the Christian foundations were forged. We give you information about visa, when it is best to travel to Turkey and the best places you should visit.

What to do in Turkey? 


The unmissable city between two continents, where Europe is on one side of the Bosphorus River and Asia on the other, you have to dedicate at least 4 days to cover the most important. The Sultanhamet neighborhood with its skyline full of minarets is where you can find the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia museum, the New Mosque or the Suleyman Mosque, as well as the Basilica Cistern and countless labyrinthine bazaars. There are older palaces like Topkapi or more modern ones like Dolmabahçe. There are thousands of offers to enjoy a boat trip on the Bosphorus River or the Golden Horn. As a part of the Made in Turkey Tours you can have all the information.


Scenery of valleys, pinnacles and natural caves caused in the rock by the erosion of wind, water and the passage of time. One of the most coveted and unforgettable experiences for tourists is to fly in a hot air balloon at sunrise, something you must do in Turkey. In addition, you usually visit the Open Air Museum, take a walk on the routes that are traced in the Pink and Red Valleys and discover the ancient Underground Cities. The city of Kayseri is the closest to Cappadocia


The famous “travertines” or pools that go down the side of the mountain and that are a spectacle without equal.

Enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean

In the summer it is ideal to escape the heat. The most unmissable beaches are in Antalya, Fethiye and Patara, you can spend hours in these places. 

Turkey beach

Visit the historical ruins

Something you must do in Turkey is fill with history and culture, as it is full of archaeological sites that have known to be great civilizations in their time, the most important to visit are: Ephesus, Troy, Pergamum and Hierapolis, among others.

Ruins of Ephesus

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What is the best time to visit Turkey?

All year round is an excellent time to visit Turkey, we give you the seasons so you can take advantage of this destination. The best time is to go in April, May, September and October.