Mistakes Often Made by Novice Karter and How to Avoid Them

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No doubt karting is a thrilling experience that lures people who like to meet challenges in the sports arena. Many believe that driving the kart makes you a skilled driver. This is because you learn to control the kart while driving fast, pay attention to the surroundings while on road and of course the twists and turns help you learn all the tricks of safe driving.

For novice karters, it is usually a grave problem to manage speed while riding on the kart. Sometimes the mistakes they make may result in accidents and dampen their enthusiasm as well. In Tenerife, it is a favourite sport of tourists and locals as it provides them tremendous excitement, the thrill that they can’t enjoy while riding any other speeding vehicle on road.

Any traveller interested to do karting in Tenerife can contact Club Canary through their website or via their social media account. Their Go Karting Tenerife program helps you to ride karts like an expert as this sports program is organised and supervised by their well-trained kart riders. You can kart drive with ease by following their guidelines.

Here are some mistakes to avoid for enjoying the ride like a professional karter:

  • According to experts, a go kart driver makes the mistake of applying sudden brakes while they are slowing down. The right way is to apply the brake slowly letting the kart slow its speed naturally and on straight roads accelerate gently.
  • Drivers when they race or have a joy ride will put out their hands out. It normally is done for touching their friends or shaking hands with them while driving the kart. Often this results in injuring themselves. Thus, it is best to keep your hands and legs inside the kart.
  • There are many flags in the tracks for providing safety instructions or signalling that there is a swift turn ahead. Drivers do ignore them when they are racing. Unfortunately, it results in a serious accident. It is beneficial to look out for the flags and stop when a red flag is waved before you on the track.

  • It may be unbelievable however the truth is some kart drivers do like to bump on others intentionally. It happens when they turn aggressive and in excitement don’t lower the speed of their kart. It leads to many problems both for them and the person whom their kart has bumped upon.
  • You need to steer the kart towards the apex of the road instead of the curve as the tracks aren’t wide and the turns will be narrower. It is like driving on a normal four-lane road, and thus it is best to understand the layout of the tracks before you start driving the kart.
  • On the pretext of improving your lap time, often the mistake happens while speeding you apply sudden brakes that may hinder the movement of the kart behind yours.

Every go kart driver loves to experience the thrill of speed drive, thus avoiding these mistakes that may prove fatal while riding the kart.