Traveling Guide For Solo Travelers

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Traveling solo can be a daunting or altogether a crazy experience. Traveling alone has its own perils such as personal security, theft, robbery etc. But it can get you through those rough spots with little preparation. Traveling alone for the first time? Here is the traveling guide we have for all the solo travelers.

Research – The first rule of planning a trip. Research about the place, city you want to visit. Do your research well, talk to some people before traveling to a new place, read some articles online etc.

Plan In Advance – Right from your travel bookings to your stay book everything in advance. Make a rough itinerary for your trip. Leaving everything for the last minute can be a problem.

Pack Light – As you will be alone and on your own during your travel make sure to pack your bags light. Don’t carry those heavy bags that you can’t carry with ease.

Accommodation – While making your bookings for your stay, you can consider staying in hostels, shared accommodation. It can save you a lot of money and at the same time, you can make friends and can get a chance to know some exceptional people. If you are booking a hotel, prefer to book one which is in the main location and not on the outskirts of the city.

Meet Locals – Traveling solo can give you a whole new enlightening experience. While exploring the places, meet locals. Talk to them, they can guide you better. Locals can be more reliable than tour guides.

Open & Public Places – During late nights prefer to be in the open, crowded, and public areas.

Travel Insurance – For travel safety buying travel insurance is a good option. Lots of companies have different policies covering different aspects. Understand and read the terms and conditions properly while buying any insurance.

Trust Yourself – Trust your gut feeling while traveling. If you think something is not right, trust yourself and act accordingly.

Essentials – While packing your bags carry essentials like medicines, some snacks etc. Also, keep some contacts handy for any emergencies. Carry a power bank with yourself.

Travel Maps – Carry travel maps or any travel guidebook. Don’t completely rely on other people for directions. You can also download a travel map app to guide you.

Local Language – Learn some basic words and phrases of a local language. You can even download the translation apps.

Public Transportation – Skip private cabs. Traveling through public transport can be a big save on your expenses.

Live Location – Download the UrSafe personal safety app. With that, you can share your live location with your friends or family.

Don’t be afraid to travel alone. Experience the moments of your travel and live each moment to the fullest.