Where to Buy Handcrafted Souvenirs in Mauritius

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Mauritius is a magical land of stunning beaches, incredibly friendly people and exceptionally delicious food. But not very well known is the shopping scene. Outside of the cheap and cheesy tchotchke of a plastic pig with the Mauritian flag emblazoned on its side there are some quality items to pick up while here on holiday. What better way to spend a holiday than shopping, eating and just relaxing by the beach. But after a long day of shopping and restaurant hopping, having a beautiful place to come back to and call home can really make or break a holiday. That’s why a holiday in a Mauritius villa is the ideal way to stay.

Imagine a luxury villa with all the comforts of home centrally located around the best shopping on the island. Wake up in a sumptuous bedroom decorated in a high end style. Take a stroll to the kitchen where the chef has cooked a delicious breakfast for the whole family. Dine next to your private pool with a view of the ocean before the private car comes to take you on an all day shopping adventure. This dream can be a reality.

Shopping in Mauritius is an experience all its own, a relaxing journey through the streets where you will discover new and interesting things around every corner. Be sure to exchange your currency before you arrive or in a bank on the island as the exchange offices or at the airport will charge hefty commissions.

Ship models.

Intensely accurate replicas of ancient sailing vessels. Mauritius is known world wide for the craftsmanship and detailed accuracy of these creations made from the plans of the original real life ships. The prices start at five hundred US dollars and only go up from there. Made from incredible skill and precious woods these masterpieces are worth every coin.


Mauritius is renowned for its high-end cashmere production. Higher quality and less expensive than cashmere from Europe buying it here benefits everyone.

Local Paintings by local painters.

A one of a kind painting by a talented local artist is something priceless. Their entire experience and view of Mauritius can be summed up in their exquisite art. The most famous Mauritian artist Pino Ragusa paints daily life scenes from the island.


Gold and silver jewellery in Mauritius is something special, handcrafted in Indian and Muslim styles, these one of a kind sculptures will be all anyone notices about you when you wear them back home. The island even has its own diamond mine where you can buy directly from the miners.

Handmade useful items.

Woven baskets and mats, handmade pottery, beautifully carved wooden boxes and frames are just some of the great quality pieces you can get here from skilled craftspeople. You can even buy handmade furniture from families that have been making furniture for generations. No mass production or plastic parts here. Just good quality carpentry from a skilled craftsperson. These items can be shipped worldwide. For westerners the prices are outrageously low. But for a local, selling one piece can mean a month’s income.

Cane sugar.

Real, high quality cane sugar plants grow here. The museum and shop called L’Aventure du Sucre will educate you on what makes good sugar cane. The island produces nearly twelve different kinds of sugar from these plants. Buy it raw or already refined and in a beautiful gift bag.

Mauritius Rum.

Green Island white rum is where you want to go for true traditional Mauritian rhum. Marked as a national treasure this stuff makes for a great gift and a welcomed addition to the home bar. Visit the Domaine Les Pailles for the ambiance of a colonial island mansion and to see how rum is made. Taste testing is included.


For a really interesting day out head to Bois Cheri tea factory. It’s a working plantation and a museum. Make sure to sign up for the tea tasting which serves the most delicious biscuits. The vanilla or the coconut teas are the most popular and the most delicious.