A Retiree’s Guide to Discovering Israel’s Hidden Treasures

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After serving your company or organization for decades, it’s time to hang your coat. It’s also time to plan for the vacation you’ve been saving up for years. Retirees are becoming adventurers, with most of them booking vacation and cruise packages with the money they saved. Tours are the best ways for them to experience something new while enjoying a unique location.

For retirees who yearn for adventure while visiting different places of historical interest, here are the top destinations:

Akko (Israel)

Also called Acre, this old city is in Israel’s northern region. Its rich history helped shape it to what it is today. It’s also one of the LDS’s recommended destinations for Israel vacations. Akko was formerly the Knights Templar’s base of operations during the Crusades. The knight built tunnels cut from stone to the city’s port and the remnants of the old city quarters.

Aside from its Western influences, Akko is also home to the Garden of Ridván and House of ʻAbbúd, which are sacred shrines of Baháʼí worshipers. The city is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Hand of Hercules (Jordan)

It was one of the largest temples built outside Rome. The Hand of Hercules or Citadel of Herakles was erected during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in Jerash (a Roman citadel in Amman). Since it was one of the crown cities of the Roman Empire, they built a temple to honor the heroic labors of Hercules. Upon discovery and efforts to restore the grand structure, archaeologists found out that the temple was left unfinished. Only Hercules’ marble fingers were found, hence the moniker.

Tel Megiddo (Israel)

Known for its biblical connection to the “End of Days,” Tel Megiddo was a vital location to protect the trade routes between Mesopotamia and Egypt. It also witnessed several historical battles, including the Nablus Yarması during World War I. It was when the British re-captured Palestine from the German invasion forces. The decisive battle was one for the books because of the overwhelming victory of the British Cavalry. Tel Megiddo is an exciting site for people who love history.

The Dead Sea (Jordan)

Considered the “lowest point” on the planet, the Dead Sea is a popular tourist destination in Jordan. Aside from its high salt content, its buoyancy allows people to float without the risk of drowning. Mud from gathered from the sea also has therapeutic benefits that can help health certain skin conditions. Retirees who suffer from asthma will also benefit from the rich oxygen levels within the area. According to some locals, the Dead Sea was actually within the Garden of Eden.

Masada (Israel)

Regarded as one Israel’s most important archaeological, Masada was the location of King Herod’s famous fortress, which became the final stronghold of the Jewish Revolt in 68 CE. Four years later, the Romans successfully breached its fortifications and ended the revolution. The fortress also became a symbol of Jewish courage and martyrdom. Due to its steep slopes, cable cars were built to make it easier for older tourists to enjoy the view the plateau has to offer.

Israel and Jordan have a variety of amazing places to discover. With a bit of research, any retiree can plan their next adventure to enjoy and feed their minds. Have fun exploring these places!