Factors That Can Make or Break Your Dining Experience at Popular Steakhouses 

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Steaks are popular for a reason – they taste nothing like the normal meats you usually eat. Instead, they are properly cut and finely cooked meats that come from the best parts of the beef in order to retain the natural creaminess and juiciness of the beef cut. Thus, for the record, the type of cut and the cooking method are the first 2 things that decide the final outcome of the dish served. The next factors that’ll make your experience pleasant or frustrating include the following:

  • The ambience and staff hospitality of the steakhouse restaurant you choose to dine in. 
  • The variety of steaks served. 
  • The location of the restaurant. 
  • Extra recreational rooms like the cigar rooms and lounges for customers to relax. 

And one of the few Montreal-based steakhouses that offer all these comforts is the Rib N Reef steakhouse.

  • It is centrally located. Thus, you won’t have to spend hours to figure out the location.
  • Since centrally located, you’ll be able to find public transportation with ease. 
  • There are open tables available for reservation so that you don’t have to wait in a long queue.
  • They serve an astounding variety of steaks and their menu is quite elaborate.
  • The staff is quite warm and have stunning knowledge about steak cuts. So, they can help you with choosing the best cuts and the right amount according to the strength of your group and your taste preference. 
  • They have a cigar room and lounges for a comfortable experience for all. 
  • Their drinks menu is quite elaborate too. 

That said, the choice of steaks doesn’t come easy since the variety is huge. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular types of steaks that you must try at least once in your life. 

1 – Porterhouse Steaks

Porterhouse steak is most popularly enjoyed because of the 2 unique flavors it provides. That’s because one of its sides is the tender and lean filet Mignon and the other side is the juicy New York Steak. 

2 – Sirloin Steaks 

If it’s health, money, and taste that you’re looking for, then Sirloin steak is your best bet. Why? Well, it’s because this steak is:

  • less fatty, thus, a healthier option. 
  • Juicy, thus, still flavorful. 
  • One of the least expensive steak types, thus, affordable. 

3 – Ribeye Steaks 

If you like steaks with a cooked core that is extremely creamy, then the ribeye steak is what you should order. Since it is quite fatty, it doesn’t lose juiciness upon grilling and broiling. 

4 – Filet Mignon 

No experience can be considered complete if you haven’t tasted the Filet Mignon steak. It’s the most tender type that is also practically one of the most expensive options.