Pizza Ordering Ethics That’ll Help You in Saving Money

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Pizzas are ultimate taste buddies that everyone loves. That said, everyone cannot afford them for frequent treats. The reason is their cost. They can surely be expensive for many. But, when you pick the right pizza hubs like livraison Double Pizza, they never forget to offer affordable pizza meals so that you don’t have to hold back to grab a bite of your favourite pizza. So, if you’re a pizza lover, you might want to have a look at the benefits of ordering from this pizza house based in Montreal. Have a look!

  1. Budget is No More a Constraint With Them

When ordering with them, you’ll find many combo deals at decent affordable rates. So, whether it’s a game night or a family gathering, you won’t have to hold back due to budget constraints anymore. Some such deals offered by them are listed below.

  • C2 Special – This Double Pizza online ordering deal offers 2 medium pizzas, medium fries, and a 2L Pepsi bottle at 23.99 dollars.
  • Hockey Special – This is another combo budget deal for online orders. It offers 1 large pizza, 8 chicken wings, small fries, and 1 sauce at 20.74 dollars.
  • Summer Special – Another combo meal for online orders, this deal has to offer 2 large pizzas, medium fries, and 6X237 ml chocolate milk bottles at 27.99 dollars.
  • The Pickup Special – This deal is for takeaway orders. You get 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza for just 10.74 dollars and 1 large all-dressed pizza for just 13.74 dollars.
  1. You Can Trust them For Quality

Quality is of utmost value at livraison Double Pizza. Hence, they use only hand picked herbs and fresh ingredients to cook meals. 2 other interesting quality parameters met by this pizza house are listed below.

  • They do not keep a pre-cooked pizza base for sale. Instead, they cook every single base after they receive the order.
  • They follow proper packaging in order to ensure that you get your meals hot and crispy.
  1. You Earn as You Eat

They offer an interesting loyalty program where, once you sign up, you earn 1 point for every 5 dollars you spend on online orders. Every 30 dollars can be used as real money to purchase either 1 large all-dressed pizza or any 3 pizza toppings of your choice. So, you’re basically earning while you eat their meals.

All in all, these benefits are just an order away – you can order online or place your orders on call. Do make sure to visit their website – https://www.doublepizza.ca/en/ – to find out if they offer online payment options at your location.