Cao Bang, destination in northern Vietnam: What to do?

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One of the lesser-known areas of northern Vietnam is the Cao Bang region, right on the border with China. Meeting point in the history between the two countries, Cao Bang is perfect to get to know a Vietnam not as crowded as the Sapa or Hanoi area.

During the colonial period, Cao Bang was one of the most popular mountain destinations for the French community that lived in Hanoi and due to its enclave it was one of the most important border posts in the north of the country. After the fall of the French colony during the Indochina War, Cao Bang was one of the most important rear positions for the North Vietnamese People’s Army in the Vietnam War and during the Chinese invasion. If your idea is to know this place, we will tell you which are the main attractions to visit and things to do in Cao Bang.

Cao bang, destinations in northern Vietnam

The main destinations of interest to visit are the following.

Ban Gioc Waterfalls

Located 95 km from Cao Bang, Bang Gioc Waterfalls are one of the greatest natural treasures in northern Vietnam.

Nguom Ngao Cave

Close to the Bang Gioc Falls, the Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most important in the country. With about 3 km and vaults of more than 50 m, the Nguom Ngao Cave is perfectly equipped for the visit of tourists, with lighting and walkways that make it easy to navigate. 

The Hen Lakes

Located just 25 km from Cao Bang, the Hen Lakes are a total of 36 lakes, some small but one large and only separated from each other by walking distance which makes the place a perfect destination to spend a day of excursions.

Pac Bo Memorial

One of the most important historical monuments in the country is the Pac Bo Memorial dedicated to the life of Ho Chi Minh or Uncle Ho as the Vietnamese commonly call him. Located 50 km north of Cao Bang, you can see the famous Bo Cave, where Ho Chi Minh lived after his long exile and where he founded the Vietnam Workers Party in 194. All this set and especially its symbolic value makes the Pac Bo Memorial a must-see to learn about the recent history of Vietnam. The entrance has a cost of 20000 VND.

Cao Bang Memorial War

Located at the top of a hill in the same city is the Cao Bang Memorial War, a monument that pays tribute to the fallen, both civil and military during the Indochina War against the French and the War against China to late 70s.

Like go to Cao bang

If your idea is to go from Hanoi the only way will be by public bus. This journey lasts around 8 am and you have the option of being able to do it by sleep bus. If your idea is to go from Sapa, you must first go by bus to Bo Lam and from here continue by bus to Cao Bang (it is faster and more comfortable if you go from Sapa to Hanoi and from here to Cao Bang).