Essential Documents Needed for Renting a Car in Dubai (UAE)

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If you want to explore complete Dubai with your friends, colleague, and family, then you need to rent a car. When renting a car in Dubai, you will need to submit the necessary documents. Car rental documents may differ slightly depending on your nation or country. The driving license requirements in Dubai vary because it is always sensible to go via the current instructions by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai if you are renting a car in UAE for the first time.

You should know that all your documents or credentials must be valid to rent a car in dubai. Before renting a car in Dubai, you should have all the legal papers or credentials, which is essential to drive a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). The factors differ according to the visa position and nationality.

Basic Documents Required:

  • Valid Passport
  • Driving License should be nearly one year old
  • UAE ID and Driving License should be from a similar country as a passport
  • Entry Stamp on your Passport for Traveller Visa or International driver’s License.
  • Visa or MasterCard or credit card in your name. No other car will accept.

Which Countries’ Driving Licenses Are Legal In Dubai?

Before leasing a car in Dubai (UAE), you need to submit a similar country driving license and Visa and Passport. People who live in the UAE are compulsory to issue the UAE Identity card and a driving license to lease a car in Dubai or any other place in the United Arab Emirates. People who live in another country require an International Driving Permit allotted in their country for leasing a car in Dubai.

If you want to lease a car with an International Driving Permit (IDP), the tenant should issue a legal driving license. Those people or travelers who are from South Korea, Japan, Slovakia, and Quebec, they are compulsory to issue copies of their single and translated licenses. You must have a valid driving license for one-year-old. The minimum age to rent a car in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is 18 years.

Those travelers who are from different countries such as Korea (North), Poland, New Zealand, United Kingdom Oman, United States of America, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, South Africa, Denmark, Bahrain, Australia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Sweden, and Turkey, can hire a car with a legal driving license allotted in their nation.

Final Conclusion:

Before hiring a car in Dubai (UAE), you should have the essential documents, like driving License and Copy of Emirates ID if you live in the UAE. If you are from a different country, you must have a copy of the front passport page and an international driving permit (IDP). Also, to the provided necessary documents, there are particular considerations that travelers should pay attention to before renting a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates, such as Overhead Costs and Insurance Coverage.