Essential Materials For Still Life Photography

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Essential Materials For Still Life Photography

1 Mins read

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In this article, we  propose a series of elements to take into account for your still life photographs. If any one is missing, you can supply it with some imagination , the only really essential thing is your camera

  • A table or workspace
  • An external flash
  • A medium focal length lens (35mm to 100mm) (a King of Objectives will be great for you, for example)
  • Cardboards, fabrics, woods for the background
  • Plates, cutlery, cloth or other objects that help tell the story
  • Tripod
  • Diffuser
  • Reflector
  • Remote shutter release (you can also use the camera’s delayed shutter release)

Settings For Your Still Life Photography

It will depend a lot on the type of light and the result you want to obtain, although these general indications can be applied to almost any image.

  • Work in manual mode
  • Works in RAW format
  • Use a large aperture to work with shallow depth of field (but never the maximum depth, because it will be difficult to focus and you will lose sharpness) or with a closed aperture for a greater depth of field
  • Use a spot metering mode, so you have a more accurate light measurement and you can play better with light and shadow
  • If you don’t work in RAW, control the white balance

Shooting Angle

You have several ways of posing your image.

  • You can do it from a frontal or normal point of viewwhich is where we place the camera at a height similar to what we are going to photograph
  • If you place the camera slightly above the object (about 45º), we approximately imitate the angle we use when we sit at the table and look at a plate
  • Finally, the zenith angle is the most descriptive, it is the one that we place completely above the scene

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