Hit the roads this monsoon

2 Mins read

We have entered the season which is probably considered to be the best season to plan road trips and hit the beautiful highways and enjoy the eye-catching sights of amazing waterfalls, the green fields, the chilled weather and experience a surreal journey.

After so many months into lockdown and after having to stay indoors for so many months, finally the things have started to open and loosen up. Travel has begun, along with stores and other essential services, now you can move out of your comfort zone and more importantly your houses, not ignoring the safety of yourself and the people you’re travelling with. Conditions may not be the best to travel right now but you can surely opt for a short or a weekend getaway just to enjoy a one day trip and get your minds off the work, family and any other kind of pressures you might have been under during this difficult phase. Everyone deserves a break from the stress that has been surrounding us for the last few months and make time for oneself.

It does not matter if you have your own vehicle or if you do not. All you need to do is just take the time out for yourself, pick the perfect weekend, the perfect destination and fix your dates. You can easily use the MakeMyTrip app and make an outstation car booking right from your mobile phones. You don’t even have to worry about the safety of your vehicle and the hygienic practices the vehicle has been put under as every vehicle has gone under the best safety measures. So that you can now enjoy a caravan road trip in Karnataka as well, without worrying about your safety because that has already been taken care of.

Below are the simple steps to plan your trip today:

  • Book a Luxurious Staycation Nearby
  • Finalize the Destination
  • Book a hotel on MakeMyTrip App
  • You can also book an outstation cab on the App
  • Make the payment on the go

And just like this with only 6 steps you have planned and booked your weekend tour. All you need to do is sit back & relax.

Until things get back to normal, everything opens up once again and until you can finally plan a long trip to another country or just a trip to any of your desired destinations, this is going to be the best option. These small weekend trips where you are not even heading far from home but staying under the safety measures that are required in these times. You can be getting back home within a day or two after the much needed relaxation from the work and situational pressure you may be under.

Let us all take this opportunity to make time for ourselves and forget about the pandemic for a while and have fun that has been missing from our lives for such a long time. It is time to rejuvenate ourselves and head towards the new challenges as a fresh start. Plan these short trips and once again get close to your loved ones and even to nature, move yourself out of the house and enjoy the fresh breath that you actually require.