Let’s Explore Batam, Riau Islands To Get Extraordinary Experience

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Batam has risen as a popular destination for people not only from Southeast Asia but from all over the world, also is the largest city in Indonesia on the Riau Islands. There’s so much to experience, like duty-free shopping, golf courses, spas, and relaxing beach resorts. Batam is a 40-minute ferry trip from Singapore’s Tanah Merah port, while the Riau Islands are a part of Indonesia. For those who prefer a more direct route, there are domestic flights from Jakarta to Batam’s Hang Nadim International Airport. Because of its accessibility, it’s a beautiful place to escape the weekend or even stay longer. The Riau Islands holds numerous wonders, but Batam is the most popular destination for tourist.

Indonesian is the native language spoken here. It is incredibly similar to Malay, and you will find it may be combined in everyday usage. But do not worry, English is still widely used. Getting around Batam is easy. Various transport options are available here. Taxis are the standard mode of transportation and may be located at public locations. If you wish to set your own experience, rent a car and tour at your leisure—accommodation changes from three-stars and up. Suppose you intend to see the mainland or other Indonesian islands, Batam airport offering direct flights to every Indonesian state like Bali. Nonetheless, Batam is a great starting point for your traveling journey.

Activity That You Can Do There

The most famous icon of Batam is the Barelang Bridge. Barelang is composed of six sophisticated swing bridges which are utilized to join three islands – including Rempang Batam, along with Galang. The complete length of all six bridges is about a mile, and to journey from 1 end should take no longer than 20 minutes. Because it is overlooking the seas dotted with smaller islands, the bridge provides the ideal settings for a photo spot.

Visitors frequently think of tourist activities when traveling to Batam. However, the city has a rich religious history also. The community from 1999 built one of the biggest Buddhist Temples in South East Asia. It attracts thousands of followers every day. Close by in Nagoya City Centre, Vihara Budhi Bhakti Temple features modern architecture and also a garden situated on the grounds. A lot of people give a positive review of this place, so be sure to give them a go.

If you are interested in watersports, you may need to visit the Waterfront City and Nongsa Coast. Both of them have a variety of options in watersports activities you can indulge in. You can do snorkeling, diving, fishing, enjoy kayaking around the shore, or dip across the seas in a banana boat. Their tours may take you to a great journey to discover the beauty of Batam’s white sandy beaches. Besides those two places, you can also enjoy wakeboarding and cable skiing at the Batam-cable ski area.

Batam has become a popular spot for golfers with its seven places to golf that are flanked by seas and clear skies as far as the eye can see. One of them is Batam’s Southlinks Country Club with the 18 holes golf course, created by Hisamitsu Ohnishi, renowned for designing world-class golf courses. Not only does it have a fantastic golf course, but this establishment also owns a traditional Japanese Bath and several restaurants for visitors to enjoy.


Batam also has this Buddhist monastery nestled in the hills and provides an escape with the scenery. It is usually known as a Stairway to zen.

Having Dinner in Batam Batam cuisine is a blend of Arabian, Chinese, Malay, and other tastes, making Batam’s cuisine rich in its culinary diversity. You need to enjoy a few of the area’s signature dishes when you’re here, although there are numerous places to choose to dine.

Yong Kee Restaurant is situated in Nagoya and has been operating for over 30 decades. Its fish soup is admired and very famous. Consist of fish, shrimp, squid, and additionally cooked with tamarind.

Mie Lendir is a dish that differs from one function in different parts of Indonesia. It is served with an egg at the top. The thing that makes the noodle dish different from the usual noodle dish is because of the ordinary thick peanut sauce, yet it still has a great flavor. It includes hot chilies on the side in case you prefer a spicier meal. Be sure to come here early to get yourself a seated because this area is so popular there’s always a rush for seats.

The Barelang Bridge area is known for its superb fish dishes. Several restaurants in this area serve prawns, lobsters, fish, crabs, and squid, and also to make it better, it’s all cooked to your taste.

Suppose you prefer a few great old-fashioned foods and cold beer, make sure to head to Brewsky, Batam microbrewery. Along with some homebrews and beers, you’ll come across some pub food available on the menu.

There is also a Batam favorite, Bella Italia Ristorante, to acquire your Italian cravings. All the classics are risotto and pasta to tiramisu, and there’s even a wood fire oven for the pizza.

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