Three Types of Homemade Foods You Can Carry For Air Travel

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Summer is coming and most people will be planning to travel. No doubt, the situation is unclear yet due to Covid-19 pandemic and travel bans but Hope is still alive. We listen to news every day that situation is getting better day by day and different countries are going to soften the restrictions for local and international people. team is supporting tourists and travelers in this difficult time. This team has an Etihad Airways Promo Code list for those who love getting big savings on flight tickets, seat and other services. Today, we are going to share types of meals one can keep during the flight.

Passengers can carry on board these three meal categories. Most airlines allow keeping homemade foods and drinks with no restrictions.


Well, there are several types of pastas. Which one is your favorite? We are going to list top three pasta types for the passengers. These will help them stay light and easy during travel.

  1. Peppery pasta (whole wheat) and wilted chard: This is common but favorite pasta. Passengers should keep this while they travel. It is easy to warm up.
  2. Feta pasta salad with Broccoli: Do you love broccoli? This is a favorite for most people. Enjoy the delicious taste with fresh feta salad.
  3. Lemony pesto pasta: You can add almonds and Edamame to have a light but amazing taste. This pasta helps the travelers to keep the digestion issues away.

Lentils and Grain Salads:

  1. Winter wheat berry salad: This salad gives astonishing taste if you add red onions and figs. This will be a yummy and filling salad for your daily routine.
  2. Lentil salad (late summer): It is also called Reverse Tabbouleh. It is a simple meal and good for people who don’t like heavy spices during air travel. Book comfortable seats and affordable tickets with Etihad Airways Promo Code before you make this pasta.
  3. Barley salad: Add fresh green peas and garlic to double the taste. This will help to maintain a normal digestion system even in the lack of physical activity.


Everyone loves sandwiches and these are normally served by the airlines to passengers on board. Do you like homemade sandwiches? You are lucky to keep the following sandwiches for your summer travel.

  1. Chickpea of sea: Let’s go simple and make a vegetarian diet. It is a good alternative of tuna sandwich. This sandwich is tasty and nutritious. It is a simple diet to support digestion during the flight.
  2. Cuban sandwich: It is a substantial lunch that delivers energy for the entire day. You will not feel hungry after eating this sandwich.
  3. Farmer’s lunch: This is a simplest lunch and your stomach will digest it within a few minutes. It is a proper diet containing energy for the entire day.

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